Battle Ram Spawner Deck

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Hi Battle Ram Spawner Deck Desertanu here Today I will share the Battle Ram Spawner Deck that I used to finally achieve my goal of 4500 trophies last season and Also help me to complete Quests Task Ever since I first saw the battle ram I thought it had potential in spawner decks. So Come and take a look at this guide Also Take a look at these Top 17 November Meta Decks 2017

Battle Ram Spawner Deck

Battle Ram Spawner Deck Card Roles:

Barbarian Hut: The barbarian hut is used to apply constant pressure on a lane and forces a response from the opponent. It also serves as this deck’s main defense against building targeting units. This card and the goblin hut work together in order to form the deck’s primary win condition.


Goblin Hut: This card applies constant pressure on a lane and is used in tandem with the barbarian hut to provide the spawned barbarians with a constant supply of ranged, air targeting troops.

Battle Ram: Charge! The battle ram can absolutely devastate the opponent if it reaches the crown tower, heavily damages defenses blocking the army’s path, and spawns two barbarians to deliver even more pain after the initial strike. It’s mainly used on counter-pushes, when the opponent spends a lot of elixir, or when you wish to pressure the opponent. These two boisterous bruisers also function as the deck’s secondary win condition.

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Baby Dragon: This terror of the sky is this deck’s main source of splash damage and acts as the main tank for the spawned troops. His fiery breath annihilates small troops like spear goblins, minions, skeletons, and fire spirits sent to distract or kill the spawned troops while his high health grants pushes greater survivability against spells like fireball and gives your army more time to kill defenders.

Electro Wizard: The electro wizard is this deck’s main air defense unit. This master of disaster’s ability to continuously stun troops and buildings makes him one of the key defensive troops in the deck and allows him to transition to a powerful offensive threat. His landing zap allows him to crush small troops beneath his feet and easily destroy a minion horde with support from the baby dragon or spear goblins.

Barbarians: The iron brick wall that is the barbarians are fantastic against hog riders, tanks, mini tanks, and support troops. You name it and the barbarians can probably defend against it. After defending, they add to the swarm. They’re vulnerability to fireball will leave your opponent wondering whether to either use it on them, the spawner building/crown tower, or the electro wizard.

Spear Goblins: The spear goblins are an extremely versatile card in this deck. On offense they can be used to make the spawned troops a bit more threatening. When defending, they are great for pulling troops, killing troops with low health, or tempting your opponent to use a spell like zap, log, or arrows so they won’t have it to defend with after a swarm of spear goblins build up. They can also be used to pressure the opponent and get a bit of chip damage.

The Log: Log is mainly used to eliminate princesses for a positive elixir trade. It’s also used when pushing with the battle ram to kill things like skeleton army, goblin gang, and tombstone. If needed, the log can help reduce the damage of graveyard.


This goal of this deck is to constantly pressure the opponent using the barbarian hut and goblin hut, defend against the opponent’s attacks, and form powerful counter pushes to help your army tear through the opponent’s defenses.

The inclusion of the battle ram gives the deck a way to quickly pressure the opponent by pushing the opposite laneso come and take a look at this Battle Ram Spawner Deck  guide

How To Play Battle Ram Spawner Deck and Match Ups

In different matchups, the positions of the spawner buildings change.

Standard Positioning: The barbarian hut is usually centered three tiles above the king tower facing the lane you wish to pressure. Goblin hut is placed behind the crown tower of the lane that the player wishes to apply pressure to.

Rocket: If the opponent uses a rocket against the goblin hut and crown tower, unless have done significant damage to the crown tower on that lane, switch lanes and place the goblin hut in a location where the rocket cannot hit it and the crown tower or it and the barbarian hut at the same time.

Hog Rider: Against hog riders, the barbarian hut is centered four tiles above the king tower to prevent the opponent from pig pushing past it and dealing massive damage to one of your crown towers. The goblin hut retains its standard position.

Royal Giant, Mortar, or X-bow: The barbarian hut is placed in the middle two tiles above the king tower. This position prevents the royal giant from being able to target it from across the river and makes it harder for the x-bow or mortar to target it across the river. Once again, the goblin hut retains standard position.

Graveyard(Non-Beatdown): Goblin hut is placed three tiles above the king tower in the center. The barbarian hut is placed behind the crown tower in order to heavily reduce the damage dealt by the skeletons.

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That’s the Battle Ram Spawner Deck guide! Thanks for reading. If you have any feedback, be sure to post it in the comments.