Battle Ram Poison Miner Deck

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Hi Guys Md Aaqib Back with new Guide This time i bring Battle Ram Poison Miner Deck which is orignally played by Yarn (from Orange Juice)Recently he posted a Video(below the post) on Battle Ram Poison Miner Deck which he used to get 12 Wins in Grand Challenge after watching his video I tried this Battle Ram Poison Miner Deck in challenges but I was not playing very good with this deck but after some time i won 2 classic Challenge and 1 grande challange,This deck relies on the 6 minutes of overtime to slowly but surely chip out your opponent while having a solid defense. Beware that this deck takes A LOT of skill to play properly. It needs near perfect play to be at its fullest potential. So let’s get into Battle Ram Poison Miner DeckBattle Ram Poison Miner Deck

Battle Ram Poison Miner Deck Card Role:

  • Miner

Miner is your first win condition best card in the game,if your opponent can’t guess your will gives  you atleast 100  chip damage.One of the best use of this card to take out Elixir collectors A lone Miner at tournament standards does about 400 damage to a tower left alone. That is a decent amount of chip damage. If your opponent does not counter your Miner, you will be able to take his tower as long as you keep cycling to the Miner It is great to switch up your placements.

  • Poison

After getting buff its Such a useful spell in my opinion,after getting buffBecause of its huge radius, you can Poison a large area, making it almost impossible to counter your Miner for a positive Elixir trade.Most of the troops that can counter Miner are melee and will need to be dropped inside of your Poison spell to effectively counter your Miner.Poison is trash at taking out troops, but the extra 10% chip damage is great against towers. Fireball is a great replacement if you want the instant damage. This card is mostly used with the Miner if you have an Elixir advantage.


  • Inferno Tower: 

Great at taking out tanky troops. If your opponent isn’t playing something as tanky as a Giant or tankier, you can preplant this to put your opponent in an awkward situation where they will have to attack. With Giant Lightning coming back into the meta, make sure you keep it far away from your other defenses.

  • Skeleton Army:

The defensive winner of the Deck. It can take out a Hog Rider with a Musketeer behind it for a huge Elixir advantage. very useful to take out or distract units. Use them to take out Hogs or Elite Barbarians or tanks and also help to counterpush too in some occasions.Skarmy is also decent in countering Graveyards. But beware, although this card us really useful, it’s also vulnerable to spells and splas hattackers.Not much to say because it’s very self explanatory.

  • Battle Ram:

Second Win Condition. Can be used to tank executioner axes, wizard fireballs, and kite Elite barbarians to their death. Use it to support Miner or plant it in the middle of the batttlefield to take advantage of the spawned barbs. You should only use this card if you can have an elixir advantage and need something to act as a meatshield translated into a counter attack.

  • Executioner:

This card is almost very Good and seems like OP. It does so well against Lava Hound and Zap bait Decks,He’s probably the perfect splash damage dealing card in Clash Royale.The Executioner throws his ax and it goes through the whole range and deals splash damage the whole time – to ground and air units.This makes him a lot more effective against larger groups or also against fast moving units as well when they just walk into the axes’ radius on its way back.Another thing i noticed while playing with him is that when he throws his axe the first time, the unit gets stunned for a split-second and while it may not seem like much,

  • Skeletons:

Great when combined with Cannon, can take out most cards with these 2. Skeletons are extremely useful at dealing with Wizard, . Is also nice to make Minions run in circles for tower to wreck.Skeletons are used to defend and distract opponent’s troops. A pack of Skeletons can easily take down a Mini P.E.K.K.A and other troops on their own. They can deal loads of damage If get ignored!

  • Log/Ice Spirit:

An incredibly useful control card that is very much in the meta right now.It controls Archers, Fire Spirits, Spear Goblins, Barbarians, Elite Barbarians, tanks, everything except for air units. Super useful for buying time.If you don’t have The Log, the Ice Spirit is a very worthy replacement control card. It freezes units for just 1 Elixir. Along with Archers it can shut down a Minion Horde

Battle Ram Poison Miner Deck General Gameplan

The overall playstyle of this deck relies on defense. The battle ram has a higher skill ceiling so it’s not exactly easy to use but it is very reliable for me to reach 12 wins consistently 

If I can play flawlessly you have to play conservatively slowly chipping them away often they can completely shut down the battle raps are going to need to rely on the minor poison in the log for steady chip damage

This means that if you’re facing a really huge golem , Lava or Giant deck and you make one mistake you will loose all of your progress with

This archetype can be frustrating to use when you’re first learning it it doesn’t really matter which side you push i typically sending the battle ram on the side that’s open constant split  pushing on both lanes pressure your opponent and there is no magic deck that will bring you to 12 wins the way you play a deck is moreimportant remember only 0.6 5% of a player pool reaches 12 win

Some popular Decks at the moment are Miner cycle Decks, Hog cycle Decks, and tank Decks. Tank Decks are the easiest to deal with, using Skeleton Army to take out the support and Inferno Tower to take out the Giant. Log if needed. Hog cycle Decks are harder to face.

Try using Skeleton Army to take out the hog. If he Zaps the Skeleton Army, Inferno Tower+Log is better to use in the future. Against a Miner use Skeleton Army or Log+skeletons.

Most Miner Decks rely on spam units so Log, Executioner and Skarmy should take them out pretty easily

Starting Hand There is no worst hand in the case, You can bank with Executioner at the back or play Miner + Log or Miner + Poison if they Play Exiler collector

Most of the times you are the one to initiate the battle. Miner + Skeleton can be your starting push, and must remain throughout the battle.

as I said Inferno  can be used to catch opponents off guard. For example, If your opponent uses a Miner Horde combo you can use your Executioner or Poison to take out Minions Horde and just ignore the Miner or counter that miner with skeleton

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So guys this was the guide I hope you liked it and this Battle Ram Poison Miner Deck guide helps you to Reached 4k throphies. If you have any questions about the or the  guide, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments and don’t forget to watch yarn video below