Double Battle Ram Mirror Deck

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Hi guys N00s3M3rch4nt I’m back with another deck guide for y’all. This Battle Ram Mirror Deck isn’t all that good, but it’s really fun to play. This Double Battle Ram Mirror Deck os very good for arena 9+ , there is Mirror ia also a win conditions. With both Battle Ram and Double Battle Ram ck as go-to your  cycle cards, its easy to maintain constant pressure on your opponent as i said above. I was making wacky decks, and I came up with this one. Here it is

Double Battle Ram Mirror Deck

Double Battle Ram Mirror Deck Card Role:

  1. Knight: the knight is your main man for defense. Put him on any drag mass troops to the center, and drop him on support troops as they cross the bridge. He is perfect for killing support, leaving a naked tank for you to deal with. He can be used on offense, and he can be dropped at theback to spend elixir, but this is not ideal.
  2. Battle Ram: This is your main damage dealer obviously. You want to place them as often as possible, and you should try to have zap up when you do. You can use him to kite, but I would suggest just using him on offense.
  3. Log: This is your main defense spell, and should be used on defense over zap whenever possible because first of all, 90% of the time you play it on defense you can get ~100 tower damage, and second of all it takes too long to travel, whereas zap is instant. Try to place it within like 3 tiles of the bridge for that juicy chip damage.
  4. Mirror: This card not only adds a lot of flexibility to your deck, but also allows for incredibly strong pushes with the ram. You can mirror other stuff, but I would suggest using it for that double ram. With a double ram, it does almost 1000 damage on contact and drops 4 barbs. Furthermore, when one ram pops, the barb will tank for the other ram, allowing a much higher chance to reach the tower.
  5. Zap: This is your main offense spell, use it to take down those skeletals and goblins. Save for offense whenever possible.
  6. Dart goblin: This guy is a great all rounder. He can be used to disable light air pushes, clear hordes and graveyards, and get awesome chip. He can also be used to support a tank. When using him on offense, I suggest placing him directly behind a knight so he hits the tower faster, and in the middle to support a battle ram to help clear defenses.
  7. Inferno tower: The inferno is your main tank buster, and can also be used to disable small pushes. It is your go to defense for anything that targets towers, including hog. Although it is a negative trade and you have skarmy, a skarmy is a fickle defense. If the enemy has 2 tanks(hog hybrid), use it on the more dangerous tank, and use skarmy on the hog ( if its hog pekka use skarmy on the pekka)
  8. Skarmy: The skarmy is very useful for shutting down small pushes(ebarbs, knight+support, e.t.c.) and in a pinch can be used to shut down tanks. You can also use it to cycle if you’ve got log zap and inferno up.

The main goal of this Double Battle Ram Mirror Deck is to cycle double rams. If you start out without mirror, you can send a lone ram, but try to get the cycle adjusted so you have the double ram.

I would suggest placing the double ram at the bridge if you’re up elixir, and place one In the back and the other at the bridge if your low.


This push is very strong, and I would general suggest not supporting it other than with a zap spell.

Use the other cards wisely on defense, and have fun.

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If you have any questions or feedback, please leave your comments down below and I WILL answer. Thanks so much for taking your time to read my Double Battle Ram Mirror Deck guide!