Battle Ram Miner Deck

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Hi Guys Gooose26 here and I made a new deck for my current position in arena 11, about 3900, and I’ve had a lot of problems finding good cards as a free-to-play player that aren’t destroyed by being under leveled. I’m mostly using a standard Lavaloon deck(here is the lavaloon deck) right now, but this Battle Ram Miner Deck has been a work well is Arena 11 This deck relies on the 6 minutes of overtime to slowly but surely chip out your opponent while having a solid defense. Beware that this deck takes A LOT of skill to play properly. It needs near perfect play to be at its fullest potential. So let’s get into Battle Ram Miner Deck guide

Battle Ram Miner Deck

Battle Ram Miner Deck Card Roles:

  1. Goblin Hut – The heart of the chip. The spawning Goblins will hit the tower once, and thus damage will roll in over time. The best part about Goblin Hut over Furnace is that when a player pushes against you without troop-targeting cards that the Goblins spawned from the Goblin Hut will collect, and counter-push for massive damage that can be supported by a Battle Ram Poison or Miner Poison that can potentially destroy an entire tower. Do not play this unless you are at 8 – 10 elixir, however, as the opponent can easily push you immediately and you wont be able to defend.
  2. Miner – This card is used to deal damage to the tower that is almost unstoppable, yet small. After a while, all of these combinations can destroy a tower, then you just need to defend. The Miner is often paired with the Poison to deal extra damage as well, and stop almost anything from stopping the Miner and counter-pushing.
  3. Minions – Basic utility, will destroy many tanks from above, targets air, brings decent dps, and good supporting card when used with Miner as a tank or Battle Ram as a tank. However, do not use the Minions to kill a beat-down tank unless it is Lava Hound, as Skeleton Army or Goblin Gang can do this.
  4. Goblin Gang – Basic dps. These guys will destroy things like Giant, Golem, or a Hog if you don’t have Skeleton Army to defeat it. These guys cannot be zapped out as the 3 stabby Goblins will survive and continue to do damage. In this deck there aren’t many consistent air-targeting cards, so this can be used against many small things like solo Minions, Mega Minion, or something bigger like a Lava Hound push. If you need to cycle cards the Goblin Gang will be placed for chip damage over the Minions and Skeleton Army.
  5. Battle Ram– The Battle Ram can be used in 3 ways. Chip damage, tower killing, and defense. On defense, the Battle Ram will stop anything that targets all cards, like Elite Barbarians or Mini Pekka, but they won’t be completely stopped. On offense, a Battle Ram can be used to destroy an opposing tower like a Furnace, so that your Goblin Hut can continue to chip down the tower. The Battle Ram can itself be a great source of chip damage if you can support it and get it to the tower. Electro Wizards are pretty popular and stop you from using the Battle Ram on offense entirely, so you need to make the opponent use the Electro Wizard incorrectly in order to plsy offense with the Battle Ram.
  6. Skeleton Army – Just like the Goblin Gang, but with more dps but not air-targeting and can be zapped out. This can be a good counter to Hog Rider, or better against Golem or Giant. These 2 cards will be able to continue killing a tank even after a spell is used.
  7. Poison– This will be your main support to protect your pushes. It will kill swarm attackers like Minions or Skeleton Army, and will do more damage to towers.
  8. Log – I’m sure everybody understands that the Log is strong all around the game, but nonetheless the Log is very good at defending and supporting pushes. It will kill all swarm attackers for just 2 elixir, and will also by you time with its knockback ability.

The overall playstyle of this Battle Ram Miner Deck relies on defense. The battle ram has a higher skill ceiling so it’s not exactly easy to use but it is very reliable for me to reach 12 wins consistently 


If I can play flawlessly you have to play conservatively slowly chipping them away often they can completely shut down the battle raps are going to need to rely on the miner poison in the log for steady chip damage

This means that if you’re facing a really huge golem , Lava or Giant deck in this case you hace to defended with goblin hut + Minions and you make one mistake you will loose all of your progress

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So guys this was the guide I hope you liked it and this Battle Ram Miner Deck guide helps you to Reached 4k throphies. If you have any questions about the or the  guide, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments