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Hey everyone, my name is MidnightLightss and today I am going to be sharing a Battle Ram Heal Spell Deck I recently discovered on my second account. After winning the Heal challenge and upgrading it to level 6, I was testing it out for a long time, trying to find out synergies. I found out that it synergises very well with battle ram, baby dragon, dark prince, knight, musketeer, electro wiz and even the regular wizard. I decided to make some weird deck with battle ram and heal, so I ended with this graveyard Battle Ram Heal Spell Deck control deck: 

Battle Ram Heal Spell Deck

Battle Ram Heal Spell Deck Card Role:

  • Knight The most used mini-tank in this meta- mainly picked because of his cheap cost, versitality, decently high head-on damage and a relatively large health pool. Works very well with Graveyard, Battle Ram, Archers and even synergises with Heal. In this deck, he’s used mainly on defence to soak up damage and turn it into a dangerous counterpush. If your opponent plays a Lava hound/Golem, he can also work as a punishing card when paired with a battle ram or graveyard- making your opponent spend elixir on defence, allowing their tank to be easily crushed on defence by your Inferno tower.
  • Archers Despite the rise of Musketeer’s usage, I believe archers are still viable. They work better againist lavaloon because they’re not a single unit like musketeer, making it so your opponent can’t lightning them for a positive elixir trade. They serve as a good counter to Elite Barbarians and (Mega) Minions. Archers can also be split, and supported by a Knight on one lane, and a Battle Ram on the other, making your opponent spend lots of elixir on both lanes to prevent tons of damage on both of the arena towers. If underlevelled, can be replaced with Musketeer.
  • Battle Ram Oh boy, this card is still surprisingly underrated. While it is seeing some use in 3 musketeer decks, people are still not realising its full potential. It can be used on defence (that can even turn into a counterpush if you can do a good kite!) to stop elite barbarians, tank musketeers, wizards and even bowlers! It can then be used to clear buildings and allow you to make a big beatdown push; it can be used as a win condition, that is very rewarding if you can make it work! The most logical use is to use it as a mini-tank when pushing. Paired with a graveyard, knight or some archers, it can be really hard to stop.
  • Graveyard Graveyard is still definitely one of the strongest win conditions, having only a few reliable counters, which can usually be easily cleared by a fireball/poison. While there is no fireball or poison in this deck, you have both the Battle Ram and the Knight which all synergise with it. This is your main win-condition in this deck. Never use for defence unless you have 10s left and you need to defend your tower againist a bunch of troop targetting units.
  • Inferno Tower Hands down, the best building in the game. Melts tanks with ease, and still survives thanks to its insane health and lifetime. Only hard counters are lightning and ewiz. To counter ewiz just play mega minion/knight, and for lightning you can place it in the anti-lightning zone. If you used it to defend a push and it still has more than half health, you can go for an aggressive battle ram because the inferno will melt whatever they used to defend.
  • Mega Minion Still viable, despite the hard nerfs it recieved. This deck originally used Skeletons instead of mega minion but I swapped it to deal with lavaloons easier; if you don’t have any problems countering lavaloon/your mega minion is underlevelled, feel free to swap in Skeletons, they work very well too as a cycle and defensive card. Even Ice Spirit can work instead. Also, pairing MM with Graveyard still works surprisingly well, especially as a counterpush or a punishing move. MM synergises with heal really well too. If they used Zap/Arrows to prevent damage from a lone MM (and they don’t have something like skeletons in hand), feel free to heal it; it can give you anywhere from 250 all the way to 1000 damage.
  • Heal Spell Despite lots of people saying it is trash, I believe heal is actually an amazing card; as I already said multiple times, it synergises very well with most of the cards in this deck. Heal + Battle Ram + Graveyard is a deadly combo that is hard to stop without taking lots of damage, especially in 2x elixir if you can get a Knight or a Zap in there too. The main use of it is healing troops that are Fireballed/damaged by any sort of splash while defending, or on offence to punish your opponent even harder for playing a big investment in the back.
  • Zap Spell If you have Log, use it instead, but if you don’t, Zap will be just fine. Zap is still a viable pick despite Heal negating one of its most important uses: Zapping Minion Hordes and Goblin Barrels. When attacking, Skarmy is a big threat due to the lack of splash in your deck; Zap will clear it out, letting your Battle Ram and/or Graveyard wreck their tower. Goblin Gang is seeing a lot of usage, and it is a very good counter to Graveyard and Battle Ram. While Zapping them will leave the stab goblins at a bit of health, your skeletons from the Graveyard will kill them with ease.

Battle Ram Heal Spell Deck Strategy: Single and double Elixir time

There are 2 basic ways of playing this Battle Ram Heal Spell Deck, and you will have to choose between them based on your opponent’s deck and playstile. The first way is being aggressive in single elixir, defending in double elixir.


This works the best againist not-so-heavy beatdown decks (such as Giant decks without Graveyard or Lightning, or Lava-Ram), as their offence shouldn’t be able to run over your defence in double elixir. If they have a pump, don’t play like this.

In single elixir, just spam Battle Ram-Graveyard as soon as they play 5+ elixir in the back, or you make a positive elixir trade on defence. The key to winning when using this playstile is preventing them from making bigger pushes and taking a tower in single elixir, while taking one of their towers yourself in 1x elixir; then,

when 2x elixir hits, don’t commit any elixir to pushing the opposite lane because they will simply ignore it and build a huge push (an exception is when their king tower is low-health, or they took a tower in single elixir) that you won’t be able to stop. Just spam everything and make sure their tank dies as soon as possible!

If you clean the support first, they’ll just put more behind the tank and you won’t be able to defend it! This also works very well againist Siege decks because if you can prevent them from doing a lot of damage in single elixir, while you take a tower, you’ll be able to easily win.

The second way of playing is defending and making light counterpushes in single elixir, and making a BIG push in double elixir. This works the best againist other control decks, because you’re able to build up a big push in double elixir that’s very hard to stop, especially with heal, while you’re chipping them down in single elixir.

Battle Ram + Knight + Archers + Heal + Graveyard is a push thats extremely hard to stop (even though it takes a lot of elixir to pull off) and is almost always guaranteed to take a tower if you’re ahead in elixir.

Battle Ram Heal Spell Deck Matchups:

  1. Royal Giant 50-50. If they have overlevelled RG/Barbs/Minion Horde, say goodbye. If they don’t, its not gonna be hard to beat them
  2. Golem 65-35. Key is to prevent them from building up a big push, and taking a tower in single elixir
  3. Lavaloon 60-40. Has weak defence but can crush you on offence if you don’t play well -LavaRam 70-30. Also has weak defence but offence isn’t nearly as dangerous -LavaMiner Beatdown 60-40. Could give trouble if they manage to make a big push
  4. Giant Graveyard 60-40, usually ends with a 2-crown -Giant Beatdown 60-40 and Giant Three Musketeers 30-70. Unless you can always effectively deny their pumps, you lost

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Shared by MidnightLightss

Thanks for reading this meta decks guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome Pls Tell me in comment box If i Missed somthing