Battle Ram Grand Challenge Deck

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Hi Guys lolnopound here and today i am going to show  Battle Ram Grand Challenge Deck which I gave this deck list to TheRumHam to play on stream this morning and he went 12-1 without ever having played it before.The deck is simply a version of the Pekka Executioner Tornado that is extremely popular as of right now that I found works very well with the Battle come and take a look at this Battle Ram Grand Challenge Deck guide:

Battle Ram Grand Challenge Deck

Battle Ram Grand Challenge Deck Card Role:

  1. Battle Ram: Has to be included. This card is your tank and split pusher. If your opponent has inferno tower you can play this card in front of your push so the ram and 2 barbs will block for the pekka. This card is also a good opening because your opponent is forced to respond with at least 3 elixir and because theyre forced to respond they play into your defensive deck.
  2. PEKKA: This is the tank to use during double elixir for your troops. PEKKA was chosen over Giant and Golem because it can kill executioner so your whole push doesn’t get taken out. PEKKA also kills other tanks like giant which is really popular so in a big push vs big push they lose their tank before yours which essentially is a +5 or +8 for you.
  3. Executioner: It’s just the best card in the game. Stops any push with nado, keeps zap bait cards like skeleton army and minions off your bowler and pekka which would normally shut down your push. This card also isn’t weak to executioner because of its high health pool.
  4. Bowler: This card was chosen because it’s not weak to executioner because of its high health. It also has a super unique ability to knock back troops so hog, elite barbs, mini pekka, even executioner are all knocked back and beaten by bowler. Bowler and Executioner are the only troops with pierce which is better than splash because their attacks go through troops, so they demolish pushes because all the troops get hit.
  5. Electro Wiz: Unfortunately we have to run a troop that is weak to lightning and bowler which we didnt want to do, but electro wizard is way too good. In combination with any of your other troops, nothing gets through. The defense in this deck is unreal. Also is your answer to battle ram along with tombstone. His zap can also reset inferno tower, inferno dragon, and sparky.
  6. Tombstone: This card shuts down hog rider and battle ram. Only reason its in here since every player has to use battle ram. Also great for defending pushes.
  7. Tornado: As I said earlier, Executioner and bowler have pierce, so by using tornado to bunch everything together they can take out the entire push. Also brings hog and miner to the king tower as this deck can be weak to cycle chip decks. If a troop his hiding behind a tower you can tornado it over to pekka and watch it take out the poor defenseless troop.
  8. Zap: This is the still Best spell in the game after 2 times getting nerf. It is good to Take out skarmy, reset inferno tower, stun troops, finish stuff off, hit air, it’s too good in so many ways.

Overall Battle Ram Grand Challenge Deck Overview:

I noticed that no matter how much elixir I put into a push, my opponent just played executioner and e wiz and it all died. So I thought why not do the same thing? So I got the defensive core of Execution, Electro wizard , and Bowler which stops just about every push no matter the size.

I also picked troops that weren’t weak to executioner since its in every deck, the troops being PEKKA, Bowler, and executioner. Because of the defensive nature of the deck it’s almost impossible to lose. So even if you cant push through and draw, draws don’t count against you. So a deck that draws sometimes but can’t lose is perfect for grand challenge.


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I hope that this Battle Ram Grand Challenge Deck guide helps you to unlock the Battle Ram and win the Challenges. If you have any questions about the Battle Ram Grand Challenge Deck or the guide, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. Good luck and Happy Clashing!