Battle Ram Bandit Deck

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Hi guys Bandit Ram Deck DrRobotnik69 here and today we are taking a look at Battle Ram Bandit Deck the moment this Battle Ram Bandit Deck is very popular in arena 10 Some players at 3800 -4300 Trophies are still playing this deck with success also I believe this is deck is also working well in challenges and tournaments so come and take a look at this Battle Ram Bandit Deck guide

Battle Ram Bandit Deck

Battle Ram Bandit Deck Card Role:

  1. Bandit – Your first win condition. An incredibly versatile card that can be placed down to deal high damage after a dash. Once dash is complete, she just keeps whacking and deals a ton of damage. Great for clearing out push behind tanks, closing gaps between any unit, and taking towers. Combine this with any of the other cards in this deck and you’ll do tons of damage Also Take a Look at these Bandit 2017 Deck
  2. Battle Ram – The second win condition of the deck. Battering ram is similar to hog in my opinion but much less tanky and two dudes pop out from behind a log when it dies. If you want, hog is replaceable here but I still prefer the ram just for the dudes. Use this to surprise push enemies behind some of your support troops. Left unattended, a decently leveled battering ram will deal high damage to towers. The only reason I prefer this to hog is that it can take care of inferno towers well and fuck those things Also Take a Look at these Battle Ram 2017 Deck
  3. Executioner – He’s your main counter to any swarm . High damage and It can deal damage in a straight line behind things. I Use this to clear push behind tanks, clear skarmies, clear minions and hordes. Overall high damage, high energy.It’s also great for your offense as it helps protect your Battle Ram from swarm troops
  4. Wizard – He is great on defense with his high splash damage and turns into a deadly counter-push afterwards. He really counters Zap bait decks because his high splash damage shreds through groups of low to mid-health troops. not else much to say about this card Also Take a Look at these Deck
  5. Bowler -Your deck’s power card and similar to the executioner with the ended back wave clear.It Is slow but has high damage. It’s amazing at defending ground troops, and it tanks for the Bandit on offense Also Take a Look at these Bowlers 2017 Deck
  6. Ice Wizard – Our second legendary. This card is irreplaceable in this deck. Another helpful troop on defense that can be supported for a powerful counterattack.Use this to slow down pushes from their win conditions. Great support card against golems, pekkas, giants, balloons, lavahound, etc. It’s also great when you get that guy up to a tower with other cards.
  7. Zap – Your only spell of the deck. This card is mainly going to be used to get rid of skarmy or any doots that get in your way. Anticipating their skarmy drop is often critical to the success of a push. Also great for bringing minions/horde to low hp but if you have the exec/wiz out, that shouldn’t be a problem. Critic for stopping inferno towers and inferno dragons as well. Save this card for situations like these, do not use this card wantonly.
  8. Tombstone – Your only building. I debate putting a furnace in this slot but its up to you. I simply prefer this because it stops both inferno dragon and ebarbs in their place. The only downside to this card is its low health as it relies on the doots that pop up afterwards to clear the rest of the threat. As such, if youre worried about ebarbs, go tombstone. If youre worried about royal giant, go furnace. If you’re worried about both… too bad.

Battle Ram Bandit Deck Combos:

The gameplan is Simple Wizard, bowler, and executioner are going to be your main damage dealers to units while bandit and battle ram will deal damage to towers.


I usually start with of the unit damage cards in the back and wait for them to make a move. I usually make sure to defend first with ice wizard before pushing.

In single Elixir time, you only want to use Bandit and battle Ram  if you have a big counter push going towards your opponent.

It is absolutely crucial that you don’t use Bandit Bowler without knowing your opponents deck as if your opponent has the right cards they can counter your push very cheaply and here Bowler would be tank for bandit

The Battle Ram Bandit Deck is sort of expensive but there is a work around, and I haven’t had any elixir problems so far. Note: I am playing at about 4070 trophies.

In Defense: Everything is Depends on what your opponent plays, you can play a cheaper defense such as Ice Wizard, Tombstone, or you can defend a little more expensively like Bowler, Executioner. To defend against them you want to try to get the most out of every troop you place.

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Thanks for reading this really long Battle Ram Bandit Deck guide,if you’re having issues with the deck, I’m open to talking to you down in the comments