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Hey guys Bats X bow Deck Arena 9 Today, I’m going to be sharing with you Mini Pekka Bats X bow Deck Arena 9 I will be running in the CCGS challenge. I started playing this  X bow Bats Deck a few days ago, lost a few trophies (slowly making my way back up into Legendary), but it’s starting to work out very well. Without further delay, here is the deck (with current levels) so come and take a look at this X bow Bats Deck guide

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Bats X bow Deck Arena 9

X bow Bats Deck Cards Role:


Xbow (4): That’s right, I’m still rocking a Tournament Standard Xbow! This is the main win condition of the deck (obviously). Be careful not to be too aggressive with this card, as one bad Xbow can cost you a tower, which most likely means game over (when playing a Siege deck one tower down, it’s almost impossible to reach the tower unless your opponent makes a huge mistake or disconnects). Always be sure that you have at least one unit to protect your Xbow.

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Mini PEKKA (8): The Mini PEKKA is back and better than ever! With his most recent buff, he can one shot Musketeers, Wizards, and Electro Wizards. He can also decently defend against RG, Ebarbs, and Hog, only allowing a few shots. This guy is Part 1 of your defensive trifecta. I like to call him the Pound on the Ground.

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Bats (10): The recently buffed Bats are so much better! They can actually chip the tower when ignored, with one Bat hitting the tower as it dies. Collectively, at Tourney Standards, they do 335 DPS. That’s more than the 4 doots (#RIPLarry)! It sucks that mine are still level 10, but they’re currently close to being level 11.

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Ice Wizard (3): Finally, a use for my level 3 Ice Wizard! This guy is Part 2 of your defensive trifecta. He plays the role of the slow swarm killer. Also, now that he one shots Skeletons and Bats, he is a Night Witch and Graveyard killer. I also like pairing him up with Xbow so that they can’t counter with Skarmy, or they’ll get destroyed.

Mega Minion (8): This flying cupcake lover is Part 3 of your defensive trifecta. He’s the main anti-air card in this deck. There are some variations of this deck that use Ice Spirit instead of Mega Minion, but I picked Mega Minion for 3 reasons. First, he flies, making him invulnerable to melee ground cards. Second, he packs quite a punch. This makes him an even better defensive option. He can one shot Lava Pups and even the Princess. Third, and arguably the best reason, he’s really tanky. He can survive a Fireball 2 levels higher than his own! That’s insane! For 3 elixir, this is an amazing defensive card, and one I like to pair up with Xbow on counterpushes.

Ice Golem (8): This is my favorite card to pair with the Xbow. For 2 elixir, he provides insane HP, and his Death Nova makes him incredibly dangerous against Skeletons and Bats. I just love this card in my deck. My favorite part about this card has to be his cheap cost combined with his relatively high HP. This makes him a reliable defensive card when kiting. Ice Golem+Mega Minion shuts down Ebarbs and even the mighty PEKKA for a positive elixir trade, plus you have the Mega Minion to use on an Xbow counterpush.

Fireball (8): I used Poison a lot before I switched over to Xbow, but man, is this a great spell! I use it on Witches, Musketeers, Wizards, Ice Wizards, Electro Wizards, and even Elixir Pumps. I can also use it defensively to kill Minion Hordes or to kill a huge deathball. It can also be used as a spell cycle card while turtling up (a defensive tactic well known by many Siege players, more on that later).

The Log (3): And of course, what’s a deck without The Log? I’ve been using this card for a long, long time. It’s just such a good card. It takes out Princesses, Goblins, Spear Goblins, Dart Goblins, Goblin Gangs, Skarmies, and Goblin Barrels, all for positive trades. Just be sure you know when to use it, or you’ll have a bad time…

X bow Bats Deck Gameplan:

So, for the first 2 minutes of the game, you want to defend. Maybe place an Xbow or two to find their Xbow counters. Heavy beatdown decks like Golem, Lava Hound, or even Giant Skeleton, RG, and PEKKA are going to be pains in the butt to deal with. If they’re playing a heavy beatdown deck, turtle up. If you don’t know what that means, here’s a basic explanation:

Turtling up is a very important strategy in Clash Royale. It’s when you totally stop playing offense and just play total defense. This is very common in Siege decks when they have a bad matchup or they just need to spell cycle for the next minute or so.

The cards that will give you the most trouble are: Golem, Lava Hound, Giant Skeleton, Balloon, Giant, and Rocket. In this case, it usually isn’t worth it to try and attack their tower, so just turtle up and defend it out. If you’re losing and double elixir hits, just stop attacking the tower and turtle up. I cannot stress how important turtling up is. In these cases, treat a draw like a win.

You didn’t win anything, but you didn’t lose anything, either. Decks with Rocket are a bit different. Rocket is one of Siege player’s worst nightmares, especially Xbow players. Rocket almost destroys Xbow and all the protection units around it. 

X bow Bats Deck Matchups:

RG: You’ve got an uphill battle up ahead. A ranged tank that can snipe your Xbow from their side? That’s a nightmare. Mini PEKKA is decent at preventing some RG damage, but you will take some damage. Also, be careful of support units. If you can’t break through, turtle up and try and play for the draw.

Ebarbs: Not too difficult if you have the right cards. Ice Golem+Mega Minion completely shuts them down, and you have a full health Mega Minion that has to be dealt with, or else the opponent loses 500 tower health AND they’re down 1 elixir.

Hog: Pretty easy. Mini PEKKA will allow 0-2 hits depending on your placement and timing. Most of the time, the Hog only gets one hit before dying. Xbow deck generally do well against Hog decks

Miner: The first 3 matchups were primarily ladder decks. Now, we get into the Challenge decks. Bats can prevent a lot of damage, but are weak to Poison. Mini PEKKA is amazing against the Miner, although it’s a negative trade. Mega Minion only allows a few Miner hits in. For the most part, you can ignore the Miner until your tower is at or below half health.

Xbow: PAN-CAKES. That’s right, Mini PEKKA does a lot of damage in a short amount of time, and Ice Golem can shield him for a while, too.

Giant: Medium matchup. Mini PEKKA shreds the Giant to pieces, while the Ice Wizard can take out swarms, and the Mega Minion snipes from the skies. Just be sure not to use your Xbow when their Giant is in cycle! I usually beat Giant Beatdown decks for some reason.

Graveyard: The Ice Wizard one shots Skeletons and he survives Poison, so he’s a great GY counter (as long as he’s adequately leveled or you’re playing in a Tournament/Challenge). Use him in the spawn zone and Mini PEKKA/Mega Minion on their tank, depending on what that tank is. Bats demolish Graveyard, but are really weak to Poison.

Golem: Really hard matchup. If they play their Pump in front of the King Tower, you can pressure it with an Xbow plant a few tiles away from the normal placement. Mini PEKKA will shred the Golem and Ice Wizard+Mega Minion+Ice Golem will shred the support units. Don’t be afraid to place defensive Xbows against Golem pushes.

Lava Hound (without Balloon): Not too bad, just watch out for the support. Use Ice Wizard to pull the supporting units away, then Fireball/Mini PEKKA/Mega Minion them to death. Mega Minion and Bats are both great Lava Hound counters. Bats can get killed by Arrows easily, but Mega Minion is pretty durable, and after killing the Hound, he one shots the Pups.

Lavaloon: A bit tougher, but still manageable. Lavaloon typically has weak ground defense (usually Tombstone and Goblin Gang/Skarmy), so Xbow can easily lock on to the tower. Mega Minion should go on the Balloon, and it will go for the Hound afterwards. All you need to worry about is the support units. Lava Hound does barely any damage, so you only need to worry about the pups.

Log Bait: Not too bad, as long as 1) You save the Log for the Barrel, and 2) Your opponent isn’t running Rocket. If the opponent is running Rocket, there’s no way you’re getting that Xbow on the tower if you don’t bait it. I usually play for the draw if they have Rocket. For the other cards: Ice Wizard for their Goblin Gang, Mega Minion for the Princess/absorbing the Ice Spirit, and Mini PEKKA for the Knight.

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