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Hi Guys Pekka Ram Bandit Deck Whats up Hyp3rion.akki here and today I will show you guys a 20 win Pekka Ram Bandit Deck that a ton of people are using this deck in Crown Championship Challenge. This deck is mega strong and new meta pekka Bridge Spam Deck The main thing about this Bandit Battle Ram Bats Deck is relentlessly attacking enemy towers with high damage, low elixir cost cards. This deck thrives in lane switches and catching your opponent off guard. This is a mostly offensive deck but it aslo does quite a bit of utility on defense as well so come and take a look at this Pekka Bats Deck guide

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Pekka Bats Deck

Bandit Pekka Bats Deck Cards Role:

PEKKA: She is Primary Defense and Win Condition and I fell in love when they reduced her deploy time. An absolute beast on ground defense, she can shred most ground pushes and support with little help, then go on with half health to be a major counterpush threat She is very good against Hogs, Bridge Spam pushes. 3 Muskets etc.There is simply no substitute for this girl. She is Primary Defense and Win Condition


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Electro Wizard: This card is very unique in the game, and is a huge part in defending mass air pushes everywhere in the game.this is my personal preference for defense. He can handle hog riders well and can also be put down on top of swarms to slow down an enemy push.  His spawn zap is just as good as an equivalently leveled zap, so you can use it to eliminate everything you would use zap on, This card is also an effective counter to the balloon

Battle Ram: The Ram is your  win condition in this deck. In my opinion this is a one of the best card inside the game and It  thrives when  put in the lane opposite of where your opponent is starting a push. A tourney standard ram can nearly take out a tower on its own if left alone and Battle Ram is mostly countered by Skarmy or tombstone, so that’s where poison comes in.

Bandit: The Bandit has quickly become one of the stronger cards in Clash Royale since the last buffs. If you don’t believe me just use the Bandit and learn for yourself. In this deck the Bandit offers incredible versatility. The Bandit can be placed behind a Battle Ram or paired with a Bats  for a small push push. She can also be used on defense to clean up medium health units You can put her alone to find out the counters to it and when she is paired with the battle Ram it’s deadly and it gives a lot of pressure to the opponent. 

Bats: The recently buffed Bats are so much better! They can actually chip the tower when ignored, with one Bat hitting the tower as it dies. Collectively, at Tourney Standards, they do 335 DPS. That’s more than the 4 doots  It sucks that mine are still level 10, but they’re currently close to being level 11.

Poison Spell: In this deck Your Area damage card, this card is meant to assist in your Ram and  bandit pushes in getting valu Obviously, it’s area denial, as covered in the battle selection , so you can use it while pushing not much to explain here. Battle Ram + Poison is very very strong especially since Skarmy is a common answer to the Ram.

Goblin: Best Card for 2 elixir  They can actually chip the tower when ignored,In this deck, I avoid using lone Bandit or Battle Ram pushes. Adding Goblins if you know opponents Log is out of cycle. Goblins have massive DPS if they get to the opponents Tower.You can also counterpush. 

The Log: This card is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT In Challenges because so many peoples are using Log Bait Decks in the challenges this card will help you to take out Goblin baarrel, Skarmy, Goblin Gang and Princess The Log provides immense value, and in my opinion is the best legendary card in the game at the current time

Bandit Pekka Bats Deck Gameplan:

The overall playstyle of this pekka bats deck relies on Offense some time on defens The battle ram has a higher skill ceiling so it’s not exactly easy to use but it is very reliable for me to reach 20 wins 

this pekka bats deck relies on Offense If you fall into playing the opponent’s style, you’ll lose. The only exception is control decks, where you’ll have to be more patient. The good thing about this deck is that every card has wide versatility,

so that if one type of offensive push isn’t working against a particular opponent, you have other solid approaches to help you win.


I usually start with of the unit damage cards in the back and wait for them to make a move. I usually make sure to defend first with Electro wiz or Bats before pushing.

In single Elixir time, you only want to use Bandit and battle Ram  if you have a big counter push going towards your opponent.

It is absolutely crucial that you don’t use Pekka push without knowing your opponents deck ( all 8 cards ) as if your opponent has the right cards they can counter your push very cheaply 

Some popular Decks at the moment are Miner Poisoncycle Decks, Hog Executioner Decks, and Pekka Decks and other tanks Decks but  Tank Decks are the easiest to deal with, using Bandit or E wiz to take out the support and PEkka to take out the Tanks and Log if needed.

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  1. Spell bait: If you know your opponent is spell bait, use bandit on the princess, clean up skarmys with archers and ALWAYS log the barrel. If they have furnace, use the battle ram.
  2. If they are one of those ones with minion horde, use the poison or the eWiz+zap, both are positive trades. Don’t get dumb and log a princess, that’s what they want you to do.
  3. Golem Lightning – Pekka + Bandit or E Wiz Poison on defence and pekka Will take care of tanks and supportis easy to kill by these cars Bandit, E Wiz, Poison
  4. Miner Poison – Miner Poison cycle Decks are easy to counter Counter this deck win E wiz and Bandit and then go for a counter push with pekka 
  5. Giant Beatdown. Giant beatdown is basically hard countered by this deck, as Pekka destroys the Giant and you can clean up the back end troops with your spells, bandit and Bats. If they use some weak backup, either eWiz, log or poison.
  6. Graveyard: The Bandit one shots Skeletons and he survives Poison, so he’s a great GY counter (as long as he’s adequately leveled or you’re playing in a Tournament/Challenge). Use him in the spawn zone Bats can also demolish Graveyard, but are really weak to Poison.

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Thanks for reading this really good Bandit Pekka Bats Deck guide,if you’re having issues with the deck, I’m open to talking to you down in the comments