Bandit Night Witch Deck

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Hi Guys darchangels13 here  This Mirror Bandit Night Witch Deck loosely modeled after Bufarete Gaming Bandit cycle deck. I wanted to use my newest card, the Night Witch, as part of it, so I tweaked until I made a thing. Plus spear goblins. Nobody gives spear goblins love.

Since the update, the deck is a 10 win challenge deck (classic) for me. That’s really impressive for a hair-brained “I like bandits” deck. I’m also using this deck on ladder in the lower challenge arenas which is not that far below my standard, despite the fact that most of these cards are under-level for that arena so come and take a look at this guide

Bandit Night Witch Deck

Mirror Bandit Night Witch Deck Card Roles:

  1. The Bandit: She’s one of your main cards for distracting heavy, medium damage troops like the bowler and executioner or for killing the glass cannons. She’s also literally the heavy tank in this deck. (sad but true) so sometimes you’ll be forced to use her as a distraction. Placements can be a little nutty when you’re dealing with Pekka+support. You’ve got to lure the pekka with the cheap troops, and get the support cards to target the Bandit. Better yet, don’t let him have that much elixir.
  2. Ice Spirit: Glue to the front of a push to help shut down distraction plays. Glue to the front of goblins or fire spirits to stall the tower and increase damage output. Use on defense to freeze trouble-troops or for positive elixir trades
  3. Night Witch: An interesting card. She can add DPS to a push, and is a pretty decent defender versus heavy tanks or lavaloon.
  4. Spear Goblins: Your main air defense. No I’m not kidding. Mostly a distraction troop, or a way to add a tiny bit of extra damage output to chip/support a troop
  5. Mirror: You’ll find your deck is often screaming for the same troop again, at a higher level! Mirrored Fire Spirits are sometimes a must, on defense. Might need a second ice spirit to keep that balloon locked up. Mirror the Night Witch to get the crazy bat-poop insane DPS of a billion bats when you’re trying to defend a Golem. Mirror Bandit for a ridonkulous push that is very difficult to defend without skeleton horde or Pekka.
  6. Stab Goblins: They stab. You’ll defend barrels, or distract single-target troops with them. Also great DPS to help bring down a Giant/Golem
  7. Lightning: You hate splash damage troops like wizards, witches, princesses, Bowlers, Baby Dragons, and Executioners. Also decent trades against pumps, or soft support like Night Witch and Musketeers. If you find a three musketeer deck, you’re going to need to save this.
  8. Fire Spirits: Chip Damage, Bandit escorts, or swarm defense.

Mirror Bandit Night Witch Deck Gameplay

Opening Plays Chip. Your Ice Spirit + Goblins (either type), fire spirits (alone), bandit (alone) or spear goblins (alone) are good first moves. You want to chip and force your opponent to make teh first move. And if he’s gonna be cagey and chip himself, well you are capable of cycling chip plays until the game ends….. Just do it again.


Mirror Bandit Night Witch Deck Against The Meta

Heavy Beatdown

  • You cannot let a big push build up. You have a swarm of small DPS troops that die to executioner or arrows, there is no way you’ll survive a big death-ball push. So whenever you see a troop like Giant, or GOlem you’re going to just Pound the other lane. Use your combos of your bandits, spirits, and goblins to keep pressure on him. The bandit does a lot more damage than people realize.
  • Assuming you dry out his/her elixir pretty decently, you’ll want to add stab-goblins and/or night witch to kill the heavy tank when it shows up. You may be forced to deploy the night witch or bandit to kill the support troops. If minions are in play you want to suck them to the center with the fire spirits and eliminate them completely separately.


  • You move very quickly on counter pushes. Shove the other lane, and once he’s trying to defend attack the siege weapon. You’ll both bleed, he’ll just bleed more and faster.


  • Ice Spirit is your big shutdown play here. Add DPS in the form of goblins, night witch, or a bandit (place far enough away to get the dash in) .


  • Your main play against the barrel decks will be defend with goblins or fire spirits. Since these decks are fairly swarmy you’re probably not going to use the bandit on offense much. Prefer to get the bandit and a night witch or fire spirits combo’d together. You’ll need to escort the bandit to the tower by shutting down hordes, armies, gangs, and goblins. Fire spirits are best. A 2 Night Witch and 1 Bandit push (12 elixir) is pretty good for breaking through large mobs, start by building with the night witch and mirror.


  • You’re main play here is going to be using the bandit, mirrored, on defense. 2 Dash-impacts is pretty effective at killing bowlers, executioners, or other mid-high HP crap. It’s great at killing squishy troops. You’ll use goblins or night witch to kill the graveyard. Unfortunately if he’s adding poison to it, you’re going to bleed a fair bit, this deck just isn’t built to handle poison.

Whenever it’s feasible, you want to clip the heavy troops with lightning and nail the tower. Especially if you can hit 2 or 3. No it does not kill them, but your main problem is going to be killing the swarm of skeletons that crop up the radius of poison, which you can do nothing to survive. By nailing the heavy’s with lightning you make it considerably easier to get the tower princess’ bow back into the mix.

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I strongly suggest trying this Bandit Night Witch Deck – It’s fun to play, easy to use All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome  Let me know if you tweak it and how also watch Bufarete Gaming Video below 

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