Bandit Mortar Deck

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Hi guys  Salad_Man1 here this time I made a deck on Bandit +Mortar Combo This Bandit Mortar Deck got me to 4700+ throphies This is my original deck that I made. I like to play as a control deck, although I will often go a bit aggressive as well. As far as challenges go I haven’t really tried the deck out in any so if you try it out tell me how it goes in Challenges This Bandit Mortar Deck is working well in Current meta xo come and take a look at this Bandit Mortar Deck guide

Bandit Mortar Deck

Bandit Mortar Deck Card Roles:

Mortar – This is going to be your main damage dealer as well as help on defense in a pinch. If I have the Mortar in my starting hand, I will usually open up with that. Try to defend your Mortar enough so it can get a few hits off, but if there is no hope don’t waste troops defending it. Once you catch your opponent on their heels and they don’t have a good counter ready that is when you can try to defend your mortar with more vigor.


Bandit – The Bandit is an all around versatile card. She is good for defending the Mortar if they frequently try to counter with troops such as Musketeer, Electro Wizard or other semi-squishy troops. With the help of her dash the Bandit should be able to take the troops out fairly easy and then go on for a counter push. You can also use the Bandit as a secondary win condition. If your Mortar is not in your hand and you are at ten elixir don’t be afraid to send her out paired with another troop or even by herself. As well as cycling, if you see your opponent put something in the back that can be turned into a large beatdown push you can send in the Bandit to make them respond and disrupt their push. Finally against small swarms or single troops she is a good defender and if she survives with enough health to be two shotted by the tower she will be able to dash and damage their tower if they don’t respond.

Goblin Gang – Like the Bandit this is a very versatile card. In this deck the GG is probably the best defender of the mortar. It can take care of Mini Pekkas, Minions, Elite Barbs, and more. Other than the Inferno Tower the GG is also one of the best cards to defend with. It can be zap bait for you Inferno Tower (IT) , a counter to the Hog or Giant if you don’t have the elixir for the IT, or can kill supporting troops. It can also be used for offense to either support Bandit or by itself if you know your opponents counter is not in their hand.

Minions – I mainly use Minions to defend the Mortar, take out ground targeting troops on defense, and to counter push with the Bandit. In Lava Hound or Graveyard decks the Minions are going to be your best counter.

Ice Spirit – When defending the Mortar the Ice Spirit is the only card I will play preemptively, meaning that I will place the Mortar and then the Ice Spirit right after. This can help me better defend against things like Minions, Goblins, and more. It can also be used on defense or simply as a cycle card.

Inferno Tower – The Inferno Tower (IT) is your main defense. Pretty self explanatory. The only thing different about how I use the IT is when you have a Mortar down and they counter it with a Giant or Golem. A plant three tiles from the river and two tiles from the tower will allow the IT to lock on while the Giant or Golem is still working on taking down the Mortar. If they place a Royal Giant (RG) to counter your Mortar and you can place an IT close enough to lock onto the RG I will usually do that. Obviously if they are able to easily counter your IT whenever you try to do this it’s probably not a good idea to keep doing it.

Fireball – The heavy spell of your deck. Once again pretty self explanatory. Can be used to defend your mortar if they have a large group of troops as well as on defense to get rid of minions and minion hordes so your IT doesn’t get distracted. In double elixir if you have their tower down to around three fireball range and your Mortar is not working anymore, you can cycle fireballs to take down your tower. Just make sure that you are getting some value out of those fireballs and don’t force it.

Log – The Log provides protection from swarms extra Mortar defense and whatever else you need it to do.If your opponent deploys Princess, at least aim your Log to hit both Princess and a building. The Log can also be utilized to eliminate buildings, especially Elixir Collector.

General game plan

The general game plan is to play the mortar if you have it in your starting hand off the star and look to see what spell or troops you have to react to what they drop.

My favorite setup is to hover Log after I have dropped the mortar to protect it to the usual Skarmy or Goblin Gang.

If you don’t have the mortar in your starting hand you can use the skeletons, ice spirit, and sometimes I send the Bandit to the tower for some chip damage to cycle to the mortar.

The longer the match goes on the more time you have to pick up on what they usually counter your stuff with and react to it more effectively.

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So guys this was the guide I hope you liked it and this Bandit Mortar Deck guide helps you to Reached 4k throphies atleast Also Check out my video below If you have any questions about the or the Bandit Mortar Deck guide, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments