Bandit Miner Deck

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Hi Guys Aaqib Javed here and today i am going to show you Bandit Miner Deck Cycle Deck This deck contains 1 Legendary Bandit card First of all I found this deck after watching the video of Clash with ash (Video is below the post) This is a Miner Furnace Chip cycle deck,It synergies well with the fast paced Miner+Poison and the long-range Damage Dealer Bandit.  It is Extremely fun & effective at Average elixir of 2.6 so come and take a look at this Bandit Miner Deck guide

Bandit Miner Deck

Bandit Miner Deck Card Role:

  1. Miner: The miner is the most versatile card in this deck. I use him to take out elixir pumps, tank for guards, fire spirits, and muskys. I also use him to take out princesses that are sieging vital furnaces or other support troops. In a pinch, he can also take out or stall a back line of a giant/pekka/golem push. I don’t like to use him for that so not to much say about it everybody know how to use it and when to use it but keep in Mind if your opponent counter your miner with Minions or Skarmy the Always Place Poison on his tower for extra damage
  2. Bandit: The Bandit has a fair amount of HP. She deals nice damage (single target). If she sees any target in the attack range, she will charge it immediately. While charging, she is unvulnerable, meaning she doesn’t take any damage (including splash) while charging.She is excellent at moving towards the Arena Tower to finish off and countering single troops.
  3. Ice Golem: For 2 elixir, the ice golem provides so much value as he can tank, distract, and kite units. Works very well as a tank in conjunction with the hog on offense. I’ve seen many people think that the ice golem isn’t as good after it’s nerf. However, I don’t agree. This card is still 2 elixir and it still provides so much value on offense and defense. A small death damage radius and slow duration nerf a couple balance changes ago hasn’t been too much of a difference.
  4. Minions: A Minions are your  air defense  and help out great in pushes (Pushes are below). However,they are more for defensive uses only. It is important to remember to never place a Minions on Ice Golem because their death damage can kill your minions or This is here for Air Deck like Lava Loon or Balloon Freeze and minions is also good counter to graveyard 
  5. Furnace: This card is so good in tournaments/challenges because as long as it is at tournament standard level, the towers cannot one-shot it and it will do chip damage. It provides amazing value for 4 elixir, and with the rise of the Elite Barbarians this card is crucial. It can do over a thousand damage if left alone.
  6. Skeletons: The first of your two cycling cards. After it’s buff, this is a top tier card again to have in all your cycle decks. For 1 elixir it provides so much value as it has high DPS, and it can kite, distract, and pull enemy units.
  7. Poison- In my opinion poison is better than fireball because of duration. 10 second graveyard is almost completely protected. Sure horde and archers don’t die instantly but it gets wiped out. Skarmy as a defense is not an option either. Instances where poison is handy and where it’s not enough. – Rg+ support shredded by defending troops,While horde is only partially countered did about 400 damage.
  8. Ice Spirit: The second of your two cycling cards. This card provides so much value on offense and defense. It synergizes well with the hog on offense and provides a lot of positive elixir trades on defense.

Bandit Miner Deck Gameplan:

The gameplan od this Bandit Miner Deck is very simple frist you have to play Furnace this is the best opening card is ,but if you don’t have it in hand then you can play an Ice Golem from the back or cycle your Ice Spirit.

The main damage factors in this deck are the miner and furnace. Once I have established control and made some positive elixir trades, I can pump a never ending stream of fire spirits and miners+ Poison onto the tower. 


If I talk about bandit then you can use bandit as defensive card because as you know She can dash, with a range of 4 to 6 tiles. What this means is that if there’s an unit 4 to 6 tiles away, then she will immediately pick up speed and charge right onto it so always place bandit 4 to 6 tiles away, from the opponent troops 

She doesn’t die to fireball and She doesn’t even die to fireball + zap combo… She only dies to Fireball + Log combo, lightning and rocket So opponent will never use fireball on her

Bandit Miner Deck Offensive Combos:

  • Poison+ Miner
  • Miner + Ice Spirit +Minions
  • Miner + Bandit+Poison+Ice Golem (only when you have an elixir advantage)

This Miner Golem Executioner Deck is also good at defense but you’ve got to play it cool and sensibly because one small mistake can make you lose a whole battle.This deck shuts down Hog and Elite Barbarian decks completely, just keep placing furnaces in the middle. It is good against zap bait as well, since it has a wide variety of cards like the Furnace, Ice Golem, Ice Spirit, and the Skeletons to deny swarms of troops

Bandit Miner Deck Defensive Combos:

  • Poision+Minion – Good against Air Combos.
  • Ice Spirit +Minion + Furnace– Good Against Golems, Giants and Royal Giants.
  • Bandit + Minions  (She can dash, with a range of 4 to 6 tiles.)

I strongly suggest trying this Bandit Miner Deck – It’s fun to play, easy to use All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome In Below Video You can see How This works against Golem Executioner Deck Miner and Furnace Deck Watch Video for more Information