Bandit Furnace Deck

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Hi guys Doodle Bob back with another with Goblin Barrel Bandit Furnace Deck. I reached at 4142 with this deck but I am currently sitting at 4036. This is very Control deck it has 3.3 elixir cost The deck itself is very simple. Chip away with goblin barrel and Furnace and defend with other cards. It’s usually good to not use the bandit til the end so they don’t see it coming So come take a close look at this Bandit Furnace Deck guide

Bandit Furnace Deck

Bandit Furnace Deck Card Roles:

Bandit: you main tank, when used correctly she can be a very deadly and versatile card. She is mostly used almost like a miner in my deck. Great for counter pushes. Any left over troops from defending you plant her in front and she can tank for them. Great when you wait for fire spirits to spawn then plant her and minions for support. Or you put her down to tank for goblin barrel.

EWiz: Main defense part of your defense. With his spawn zap it makes him a very versatile. His stun slows down tanks to around the same as the ice wizard would. Paired with furnace to pull the tank he can shut down full pushes. Against ebarbs pair him with goblin gang and this will completely shut them down.


Goblin Barrel: Main win condition. Good for chip damage. It Can be put on elixir collectors if they are using 3M. Paired with bandit can take a tower and very deadly. Not much else that needs to be said for this one.

Goblin Gang: Log bait for goblin barrel. good for defense and offense. great at taking care of backline support units to pushes. if they logged your goblin barrel pair GG with bandit for a deadly push.

Minions: Another good unit for cleaning up support troops to pushes and and just generally cleaning up troops remaining in pushes. Great on offense when paired with bandit. Can be use to cycle if you need to. I used to have princess in but switched to minions and my deck has worked so much more

Furnace: Main building. Very versatile and essential in this deck. Great for chip damage. Use to pull any tanks like giant, hog etc. Not much else needs to be said

Log: Nothing much to say about the log. Just use it as you would use zap or arrows. Don’t waste it on a few troops, get your value. After the battle has gone on for a while, you may predict where your enemy will play skarmy so you could do an early log. Make sure you use bandit before you predict with the log though. If it is successful, you’re guaranteed at least 1000 hp gone, more if you have troops to support bandit.

Fireball: The first of your two spells. This card is a beast on offense and defense! I chose fireball over poison because fireball provides you with that instant damage. It works so well at taking out many hog counters, sending in predictions, and taking out swarm units on defense. Can be replaced with poison.


How to play: This Bandit Furnace Deck is all about managing your elixir, their elixir and their cards. Without this you will fall apart. You have to know when they last used there zap or log or fireball or it will wreck you. Also you need to apply constant pressure and never let them build up a big push without taking a ton of tower damage.

Bandit Furnace Deck  Combos:

  1. Goblin Barrel +  Bandit 
  2. Bandit onlu for chip damage
  3. Goblin Barrel + Prediction Log For Skarmy
  4. Minions +Bandit
  5. Minions + Furnace –  Use this combo to counter Royal Giant and Giant Combos.
  6. Goblin Gang + E Wiz – Use this combos to counter Elite Barbarians.
  7. E wiz+ Minions – Use this combos to counter Lava Hound Combos.

Weaknesses: This Bandit Furnace Deck  does have a rough time against royale giants. There is no main high damage card but, I have still won plenty of matches against RGs.

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Once Again Thanks for reading this Bandit Furnace Deck ! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.