Balloon Three Musketeer Deck

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Hi Guys DarthMint here and today I’ll be showing you the Balloon Three Musketeer Deck  which has been used often in the leaderboards. This deck is a Fireball bait deck which allows your 3 Musketeers to wreak havoc on the enemy towers This Deck is all about spilit 3 Musketeers The goal to a full split push is to push one lane with a 2-Musketeer combo and push the other lane with a 1-Musketeer Balloon combo so come and tale a loo at this Balloon Three Musketeer Deck guide

Balloon Three Musketeer Deck

Balloon Three Musketeer Deck Card Role:

  1. Balloon: the main damage dealer of this deck.You can play balloon in many ways for example you can send balloon with knight either Balloon + Freeze or as i said above one lane with a 2-Musketeer combo and push the other lane with a 1-Musketeer Balloon combo 
  2. Knight: He is my melee attacker of choice. With enough hitpoints to survive a Sparky blast but also with high damage to kill her, he is the best card for dealing with enemy support cards right now  He has more health than the Ice Golem and can therefore tank a bit batter for your balloon, when counterattacking. When playing this deck, never use the balloon Knight combo offensively unless your opponent plays an expensive troop in the back Switchable with ice golem or any other mini tank, but not recommended, as knight is very versatile.
  3. Ice spirit: This little guy is like the Skeletons and is used for cycling cards. He is also great for stalling troops by freezing them or resetting them cheap Also good for a push to freeze things (usually minions) so you have more time to react. Also inferno tower freezer.
  4. Freeze Spell: One of the strongest cards in the game if you use it correctly..The perfect timing for the Freeze is when the Balloon is very close to his Tower. This timing gives the Balloon around enough Health to survive a Fireball, but also the most Damage to his tower Freeze your opponents troops on defense if you need to but you will wanna save your Freeze for offense in most cases. Works very well with Balloon and will give you an extra hit or two (depends on your Freeze level). This card can absolutely not be replaced due to its unique ability. You will want to have your Freeze Spell at least the same level as your Balloon Read Full guide here 
  5. Skeletons: Costing only 1 Elixir, these guys are cycle cards. Split them in the back for a passive play or use them on defense for their decent DPS as well Cheap defense and cycling. Also inferno tower distraction.
  6. Arrows: Arrows are good against minion horde/minions and other arrowable things. Switchable with zap or possibly fireball, but beware of minions smashing your push. Also switchable for tornado for better defense but it means you lack direct damage and offensive power.
  7. Three Musketeers – Core of this deck. never play them before double Elixir unless your opponent has used their Fireball to catch your opponent off-Guard or if you have a huge Elixir advantage Always split the Musketeers for a split push unless if you have taken a tower and place them in the middle. They are perfect for farming crowns for the clan chest  Also Three Musketeer + Freeze combo is very good
  8. Minions: defense, inferno tower distraction. Switchable with any other distraction card of your preference, or meta minion, though I find it’s too slow to support my push.

Balloon Three Musketeer Deck Gameplan:

Early game: 3M in the back is very undesirable. Instead, start a knight in the front of the king tower and other cycle cards and wait for them to go first. If they do, defend and counterpush with balloon if you have a knight at more than half health. Support with cheap cards. If not, stick a balloon behind a knight and get arrows and other supports ready. Probe counters. Use freeze if a balloon is on a tower

Mid game: keep counterpushing or starting your own pushes. Use freeze to get balloon to the tower. If a tower is down, consider using 3M in the middle. Remember, you can cheaply defend most pushes they throw at you.


Double elixer + over time: if you can’t break through their defense, turtling is always an option, at least for lighter decks. If not, 3M in the middle is a good option. Balloon+knight in the middle with arrows and/or freeze is also a good option.

Balloon Three Musketeer Deck Matchups:

Golem lightning: Pressure, pressure, pressure. See that golem or pump go down? Boom. Knight and balloon, tower down. However, if they can get their deathball rolling or enough pumps down, you’re​ probably dead. Then again, the point is to stop them from getting their death ball rolling. Good matchup.

Lavaloon: same as golem to a degree, except 3M can save you from their push a lot easier. Decent matchup. Exception: lighting varients are very dangerous to your defense, so you need to keep the pressure if they have it.

Zap bait: since you don’t have zap, obviously this is an easy matchup. But seriously, you can use skeletons and ice spirit to stop a lot of their chip damage, and arrows hard counters almost all of their troops. Only danger is them out cycling you. Decent matchup.

Hog cycle: usually doesn’t carry any good counters to your balloon, so as long as you can stop the hog decently, you’ll be fine.

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So this is my Balloon Three Musketeer Deck guide and i help You like it some of you that are looking for a new fun deck please try this deck