Tornado Balloon Royal Recruits Deck Arena 10+

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Hi Guys Tornado Balloon Royal Recruits Deck Arena 10+ Dexter here and Todat i am going to show my Tornado Balloon Royal Recruits Deck Arena 10+ First of all I want to say that I have Completed my Royal Recruits Challenge With this Tornado Balloon Royal Recruits Deck Arena 10+ Deck The goal of this Tornado Balloon Royal Recruits Deck Arena 10+ is to get your balloon moving toward a tower with an aoe troop behind it for support so come and take a look at this Tornado Balloon Royal Recruits Deck Arena 10+ guide 

Tornado Balloon Royal Recruits Deck Arena 10+

Tornado Balloon Royal Recruits Deck Arena 10+

Balloon – The win condition, plain and simple. This thing destroys. Your main push before taking one tower is going Chip damage with Miner and the balloon off to the left or right in the either top corner tile. This position allows the balloon to bypass certain building plants.

Royal Recruits: The Royal Recruits are pretty straight forward to play Like Guards. They are very good cards to go on a counter push with and allow them to tank damage for you balloon and Miner


Miner: He is the Mini Tank of your deck and It can be used to take out your opponents Pumps and Princesses as well as taking their tower. I will recommend you to Use him to counter push and to tank for your Balloon, Royal Recruits while you let them decimate their towers. He is one of the best cards in the game as he’s a mini tank that you can spawn anywhere in the arena. There is no substitute for him in this deck and any level Miner can do great job as a mini tank 

Fireball – Everyone knows how to use this card. I primarily save it for whatever my opponent is going to defend my Miner + balloon push or I fireball an opponents pump. I also use it to kill supports, Electro Wizard, musket, Night Witch. Rarely used to finish games, In this Deck Mainly saved for Minion Horde and three musketters

Ice Wizard: The ice wizard is a good card to use on defence and you should mainly use him as a support card. He can counter minions if you pair him with zap or Tornado.

Zap: It’s a 2 Elixir spell with a stun effect. Good for taking out swarmy troops, weakening Minions, reset sparky, Inferno Tower/dragon and is really useful with the Balloon.If your Balloon is at critical health you can Zap the tower and this will ensure your Balloon get at least one hit on.

Tornado Balloon Royal Recruits Deck Arena 10+ Strategy:

This is a super fast cycle avg elixir Deck, which allows you to quickly out-cycle their counters to balloon. Miner, zap, tornado, and Ice Wizard can be used together to kill any air defense they have for the balloon.

If they have too many counters to balloon and you can’t out-cycle them, you can keep sending miners.

Your main offensive combo would be Miner+Balloon If your opponent makes his First move with Golem, Giant or Pekka then feel free to to use Balloon-Miner Combo and save Inferno Dragon, Ice Wiz for Defence

After successfully defending their counterpush, you can cycle back to Balloon before they cycle back to a defending card, in which case you can build up a push and support it with Miner and Remember to use he miner to tank tower damage while also chipping away at their tower.

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