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Hi Guys somehomo here and today i am going to show you Balloon Ice Golem Deck I am P2P I’ve spent a few dollars on the game and I play pretty often, especially in challenges. I fared pretty well in the electro wizard challenge, but did not manage to get twelve wins (I got 11 wins twice and 9 wins twice).

However, I’ve gotten 12 wins twice with the same deck in this current double elixir challenge. There may be some sort of ulterior reason for this, such as the skill ceiling not being as high, but whatever. The deck I’m using has been used by a few top players and you might have seen it being used on the ladder so come and take a look on this Balloon Ice Golem Deck guide 

Balloon Ice Golem Deck

Balloon Ice Golem Deck Card Role:

  1. Skeleton Army – This is a very versatile card and a beast on defense. It’s often instrumental in stopping tank pushes, being placed behind the tank to take out or distract its support units. If your opponent has log, try not to play this card in the same area as either tombstone or archers so as to not give your opponent too much value. My preferred secondary counter to graveyard if the opponent fireballs archers.
  2. Balloon – The win condition, plain and simple. This thing destroys. Your main push before taking one tower is going to be ice golem on the bridge and the balloon off to the left or right in the either top corner tile. This position allows the balloon to bypass certain building plants. Once you take a tower, drop ice golem in the pocket of your opponents base to aggro the towers and then the balloon. While your primary push is going to be ice golem and balloon, the ice golem is not entirely necessary, sometimes it can be advantageous to just drop your balloon off in front of a counterattack. Most of the time the balloon making it near the tower and chipping it away with its death damage can be worth it. Balloon Ice Golem Deck
  3. Archers – Very versatile card. I often split archers in the back as a starting move. One archer backing up an ice golem + balloon push is often extremely helpful, often quickly sniping the opponents balloon counter (i.e. musketeer or mega minion) into a fireball-able health range. If your opponent has graveyard, save your archers as your primary counter.
  4. Fireball – Everyone knows how to use this card. I primarily save it for whatever my opponent is going to defend my ice golem + balloon push or I fireball an opponents pump.
  5. Ice Golem – This card is an absolute BEAST. I try to save it for an ice golem + balloon push. There are a few cases where I use it on defense. One is against zap bait decks to counter their skarmy or to counter the opponents minions/horde when paired with zap. It’s extremely useful to kite as well.
  6. Mega Minion – I prefer this over minions. Mega minion is not as frail and does not fall to the death damage of an opposing balloon. This card is used to take out bowlers, defend against elite barbarians, any other air troop, you know the spiel by this point.
  7. Zap – If your opponent has goblin barrel, obviously save your zap. Their other zap bait cards can be countered using other cards in this deck. If your opponent mirrors goblin barrel, use skeleton army. I often use this if my opponent counters my ice golem + balloon push with minions, as the ice golem death damage and zap will take out the minions. Balloon Ice Golem Deck
  8. Tombstone – This card is used to defend against building targeting troops. I try not to place it passively unless I absolutely need to. I save this to play reactively against hog, ebarbs, etc.

Balloon Ice Golem Deck General tips and matchup tips:

  1. I have a near 100% win rate against golem decks. If at all possible, when you see your opponent drop a pump or a golem in the back, make an ice golem and balloon push and drop a tombstone on defense. Your playstyle against a golem deck should be very aggressive. I often like to cycle through cards and drop two tombstones on defense to kite the golem into the other lane.
  2. Try not to make an ice golem and balloon push as your opening move. I generally like to drop a mega minion in the back or split archers as my opening move, and I prefer dropping a tombstone passively to pushing aggressively from the start.
  3. My toughest matchups are versus air decks (specifically lava hound balloon). My tip against lava hound decks is to ignore the lava hound and push the other lane with ice golem and balloon if possible, or save up on defense and take out their support troops. Prioritize the lava hound if you see them send in a miner so the pups don’t do hella damage. If they support their lava hound with minions, use ice golem + zap. If they support their lava hound with either dragon, balloon, or mega minion, distract with tombstone or skeleton army and use archers + mega minions to take them out. Balloon Ice Golem Deck
  4. Spawner decks give me a bit of trouble as well especially if the opponent is skilled or has a good cycle. I try to take out a tower as quickly as possible and then use the balloon defensively against their buildings by dropping it in the pocket, although this isn’t always how the matchup will play out.

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Thanks for reading this Balloon Ice Golem Deck Guide All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.