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Hello Guys Norbysweg With Another Guide This time am going to show you  Loon Cycle & Balloon Freeze Deck In This deck We Have Balloon ,Freeze ,Elixir Collector and Inferno Tower As a Win Condition it’s also a Elixir collector Pump deck  with any elixir collector pump deck that you’re playing what is your goal in the first two minutes of the match your goal is Pump  at least 2 or 3 pump on the map  and protect your pumps So come and tale a look at this Balloon Freeze Deck guide

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Balloon Freeze Deck

Balloon Freeze Deck Card Role:

Balloon – The win condition as I mention above Your main push before taking one tower is going to be ice golem on the bridge and the balloon off to the left or right in the either top corner tile. This position allows the balloon to bypass certain building plants. Once you take a tower, drop ice golem in the pocket of your opponents base to aggro the towers and then the balloon. While your primary push is going to be ice golem and balloon, the ice golem is not entirely necessary, sometimes it can be advantageous to just drop your balloon off in front of a counterattack. Most of the time the balloon making it near the tower and chipping it away with its death damage can be worth it.

Freeze Spell: One of the strongest cards in the game if you use it correctly..The perfect timing for the Freeze is when the Balloon is very close to his Tower. This timing gives the Balloon around enough Health to survive a Fireball, but also the most Damage to his tower Freeze your opponents troops on defense if you need to but you will wanna save your Freeze for offense in most cases. Works very well with Balloon and will give you an extra hit or two (depends on your Freeze level). This card can absolutely not be replaced due to its unique ability. You will want to have your Freeze Spell at least the same level as your Balloon (level 4+).

Elixir Collector – The Elixir Collector is main win condition of this deck always get your Pump down as soon as possible, and if you start with it, drop it down. Always deploy in the center, between the Towers – this will allow you to counter Miners more easily as both Towers will be alerted.

Minions: Minions are used in support of everything. Can be used to help push or  defend. But, I use them sparingly early on until I see if the opponent is using a graveyard deck or not. Never use them to kill an ice golem and try to avoid using them on a golem as the death nova will either kill them outright or make them zappable (ice golem/hog push as a prime example). Some Time i played them behind the Balloon 

Ice Golem – Best Card in the game for 2 elixir cost  This card is the tank of your pushes, you need to use this tank with the Balloon and Zap,it can easily take out Minion Horde. While he tanks for your Balloon, his slow down effect can also assure that the Balloon will get to the Tower. Also very good in defense, builds up time for you to defend better and also distracts other Troops. I think it’s the best 2 Elixir card in Clash Royale right now, as good as Rage in my opinion.

Mega Minion: This card is really popular even after the recent nerf. This card is useful for nearly everything.I don’t think this card needs any explanation considering a lot of people are using this card. I use Mega Minion a lot on the defense turned into a counterattack.Even though this card is great to support Balloons, it is also great for taking it out. This card is probably the most used counter to the Balloon so watch out!

Inferno Tower – Very good comeback card, as you can place it rightaway when you just finished the Balloon Push to earn some time and plan your next move. It’s a must have in this Deck, because it needs massive Air defense and as well groubd decks (against Lava Hound Decks+Giant or Golem Decks) and You want to plant it like usual, 3 tiles from the King Tower.

Zap: It’s a 2 Elixir spell with a stun effect. Good for taking out swarmy troops, weakening Minions, reset sparky, Inferno Tower/dragon and is really useful with the Balloon.If your Balloon is at critical health you can Zap the tower and this will ensure your Balloon get at least one hit on.


Balloon Freeze Deck Gameplan:

The Gameplan is very simple With this Balloon Freeze Deck you want to play slow, don’t rush things with your Balloon.  Place down 2 or 3 Pump on the map and Your main offensive combo would be Ice Golem+Balloon If your opponent makes his First move with elite barbas the feel free to to use Ice Golem even though he is apart of your main push.

You are playing Against Miner horde Player and your opponent starts off with an aggressive Miner Minion Horde combo, ignore the Miner and take out the horde with  Ice Golem+Zap and push the other side with Ice Golem+Balloon or Balloon+Mega Minion. They won’t have a enough Elixir and a strong counter to the Balloon and will lose a tower. This would be beneficial to you as you can either defend for the rest of the battle or you can pressure them on the other tower.

Combo On Offence:

  1. Ice Golem + Balloon (Main Push of you Deck)
  2. Ice Golem + Mega Minion ( Basically This is only for Chip Damage )
  3. Balloon + Minions  ( Use Minions To Distract Inferno Tower)

Don’t forget that you can add Freeze to every combo shown here! Also keep in mind that you can customize these combos everytime, it depends in your position in the card cycle, your enemy’s cards and many other factors. Here I’ll show the basic combos which can be made easily during the Battle.

Ice Golem + Balloon – You have to Place the Ice Golem at the bridge, then place the Balloon This placement puts the Ice Golem slightly forward, so you will be able to get the most of your Balloon.

Balloon + Minions –  Freeze not really recomended here  because minions can be easily taken out by a Ice Golem + Zapspell. You should only use this combo when you know he’s going to use his Inferno Tower or Musketeer to counter your Balloon.

Ice Golem + Balloon + Mega Minion – this combo is  best in this Balloon Freeze Deck. While The Ice Golem tanks os Good Against Minions Horde and weakens, the Mega Minion and Balloon completely ruin your opponent’s plans. If you have the Freeze in hand be ready with it

This Deck is very Good Against Giant Decks, Lava Hound Deck, Golem Deck, Pekka Decks Because you have to Use the Inferno Tower carefully, because that’s the only building in this Deck. The Mega Minion and Minions can do a decent job 

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So this is my Balloon Freeze Deck guide and i help You like it some of you that are looking for a new fun deck please try this deck Also thanks To Clash With Ash who Shared This Deck in Channel Watch Video below