Clash Royale Balance Changes October 2017 Leak

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Hi Guys Clash Royale Balance Changes October 2017 is here n this balance update we’re taking a look at Sparky(!!!), Tesla, Electro Wizard and more! so come and take a look at these Clash Royale Balance Changes October 2017

Balance Changes October 2017

Clash Royale Balance Changes October 2017

  1. Sparky: Hit speed to 4sec (from 5sec), damage -15%: Sparky will no longer one-shot another Sparky.
  2. Tesla: Damage +30%, hit speed to 1sec (from 0.8sec) :Tesla will one-shot Minions and Goblins.
  3. Electro Wizard: Damage -4%, first attack comes 0.2sec slower: No major interaction changes.
  4. Graveyard: Duration to 10sec (from 9sec), radius to 4 (from 5), first Skeleton spawns 0.5sec slower, Skeletons spawn less randomly: No major interaction changes.
  5. Cannon Cart: Hitpoints +5%, shield hitpoints +5%: Cannon Cart’s shield will survive a Mega Knight jump and hit.
  6. Lightning: Damage -3%, radius to 3 (from 3.5): No major interaction changes.
  7. Spear Goblins: Hit speed to 1.1sec (from 1.3sec): No major interaction changes.
  8. Valkyrie: Damage +5%: Valkyrie will one-shot Princesses and Dart Goblins, and take down Barbarians in three attacks.


Bandit, Mega Knight – FIXED: Bandit and Mega Knight dashing/jumping a shorter distance than they should.


Cannon Cart – FIXED: Troops occasionally stopped targeting the Cannon Cart and very occasionally get stuck behind a broken Cannon Cart.

Inferno Dragon, Inferno Tower – FIXED: Damage not resetting after breaking through a shield (e.g. Guards, Dark Prince, Cannon Cart).

Troop Pathfinding – FIXED: Troops steering towards an unexpected lane. Behaviour shouldbe more as expected now.

Clash Royale October Update 2017 Update Summary:

You will now be able to invite your friends and clan-mates to play 2v2 with you. This will help make 2v2 draft and 2v2 challenges more bearable and Free chests replaced with quest chests Free chests moved to shop 

Mirror Mode:

Mirror Mode is 2v2 and In Mirror Mode Every deck has mirror  Card also the Same deck same rotation 

Join and get the one-time rewards in Mirror Mode at 3 Wins = Golden Chest at 6 Wins = Giant Chest.

Something casual 

There will be some daily casual challenges, where all players above level 4 can enter This Challenge If you lose a match, it doesn’t count means it will not over after 3 losses, you can play until you get all the rewards

Free chests are being replaced with quests. There will be both daily quests and longer term quests that can be done via ladder play Continue Reading »