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Clash Royale Balance Changes Coming (9/19) 

Hello guys, as always, Supercell is about to release a new Clash Royale Balance Changes Coming with lots of new balance changes to refresh the game and make things more balanced.Last (8/24) Update They  nerf the Royal Giant (good news right?) and some Legendary Cards. Clash Royale Balance Changes Coming

In this Clash Royale balance change update, Supercell is going to nerf the Giant (good news right?) Buffing The Log,The Log finally pushes back all ground units and One More Intresting Buff  The Mirror Card Now Mirror are going to be more usable,Now Let’s take a look guys. I think you will like this update! Clash Royale Balance Changes Coming

Clash Royale Balance Changes



In this round of Clash Royale Balance Changes we’re taking a look at a few underused cards: Mirror, Rage, Lightning – and some other nice little tweaks!cc

Clash Royale Balance Changes


Giant: Damage decreased by 5%

  • The Giant will still hit hard after this change – he has really big fists after all – we just wanted to take a little bit of power from his offensive capabilities, as his main role is to soak up damage.

Rage: Elixir cost decreased to 2 (from 3), effect decreased to 30% (from 40%), duration decreased by 2sec

  • The Rage spell hasn’t seen much usage and is in need of a bigger change, especially with the introduction of the Lumberjack’s “free” Rage. Decreasing the Elixir cost to 2 should make Rage a really viable and exciting combo card!

Lumberjack: Rage effect decreased to 30% (from 40%), Rage duration decreased by 2sec

  • For consistency with the Rage spell changes above.

Mirror: Mirrors cards 1 level higher than its own level

  • We love the surprise element Mirror brings and we’ve been having a blast playtesting this new version! At Tournament Rules card levels, Mirror will bring a truly unique element to your deck, making your cards 1 level higher than the tournament cap! Also, a max level Mirror will create max level +1 cards!

Lightning: Stuns targets for 0.5sec

  • Due to Lightning’s low use rate, and partly for consistency with Zap, we’re adding a brief stun effect to make it more unique and hopefully an interesting addition to some decks.

The Log: Knocks back ALL ground troops

  • This change will make The Log feel like the Legendary Card it was born to be.

Bomber: Hitpoints decreased by 2%, Damage increased by 2%

  • A small tweak to fix a couple of inconsistencies with card interactions at certain levels.

User Views: I think the lumberjack change is spot on but the rage change may support cycle decks even more. Fire spirits could have done with a tiny health nerf so a tournament standard tower can kill a pair.

I think the giant nerf could have been a bit bigger but the damage is the thing I wanted to change.

Poison is over-the-top and could do with a radius decrease to encourage strategic use. A slow buff could be added to stop troops leaving the area quicker.

The goblins still have too much DPS that puts ‘overkill’ sparky to shame. The ice wizard is still argued to be op on defense and could do with a nerf to the slow but a minor damage buff to compensate.

Zap, I don’t like the reset feature. It is too dominating and is making the cycle decks overpowered when enemy cycle decks are only countered by it and risk cards such as inferno tower, sparky and the prince get ruined by it. At least lightning costs a similar amount. Stun is fair enough. Having the effect on splash as well as damage for a tiny cost of 2 elixir is OP.

Comment Down below Guys What do You Think

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