Baby Dragon Golem Heal Spell Deck

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Hey Baby Dragon Golem Deck guys Dexter here today I am Going to Show you Baby Dragon Golem Deck This Baby Dragon Golem Deck Help me to reach at Arena 11 This Baby Dragon Golem Deck is a beatdown deck centered around the golem (obviously). I’ve been  using Golem since before the giant/poison nerf, This Deck taken me from around 3.6K to my personal best of 3921 let’s get right into the Golem Heal Spell Deck and how you can use it to help you push Check Out Here Top 17 Clash Royale January Meta Decks 2018 

Baby Dragon Golem Deck

Baby Dragon Golem Deck Card Roles:

Golem is obviously the core of this deck and is the meat shield for other troops It is a Capable of absorbing huge amounts of damage and still deal hefty damage to the tower once it gets there. Expensive and slow, great on attack due its High HP, dangerous due its High Cost. In this deck, you want him in the front of almost every attack. The explanation of the deck in a game will be under Check Out here Top 11 Clash Royale Golem Deck Arena 9+ | Best Golem Deck 2018


Heal Spell:  best card in the game well It has a 3 radius and lasts for 3 seconds. Every second it increases the HP of all troops inside. At a cost of 3 Elixir, it heals 528 HP in total (Tournament Standard).Heal+Minions This Combo is used only for extra chip damage Basically I used heal Spell on Group of troops 

Mega Minion: I’d consider this a basically irreplaceable support troop for the deck. Superb on both defense and offense as all of us know. Nearly impossible to counter for a positive elixir trade. The benefits of running this are currently too high and I believe it will be nerfed soon. But that’s neither here nor there, while the card is this good you should be using it in almost all archetypes, plain and simple.

Baby Dragon – Great mini tank, after the recent buff to attack speed, it can deal a hefty bit a damage. Counters Barbarians, Minion Horde, Minions, and Skeleton Army so well. These would be the cards that rip through your Golem, but with your Baby Dragon spitting fire, these troops will be unable to survive long enough to kill off your Golem.

Lightning: This card has been steadily growing in popularity recently and for good reason. Not only is it just plain good now, but it’s extremely potent in the meta given how common cards like Mega Minion, Inferno Tower, and Musketeer are. This is the card that really helps you blow people out, getting massively positive elixir trades while your Golem is on their side of the field, usually leading to the game-winning push. Given that this card is quite expensive it can often be difficult to back Golem up with is unless you’re in double elixir time. Don’t be too trigger happy with this because you can sometimes be too low afterwards if your opponent counter attacks.Golem Lightning Deck

Minions:  A Minions are your other air defense and help out great in pushes. However, in this case they are more for defensive uses only. It is important to remember to never place a Golem unless your Executiones, Minions, or Musketeer in your hand as well.This is here for Air Deck like Lava Loon or Balloon Ice golem and minions is also good counter to graveyard

Arrows is a very useful card, especially in Arena 8, where you face a lot of Princesses. But, sometimes, your opponent wants to bait your Arrows out so you will want to use your Goblins strategically to kill Princess at the first time. I usually save Arrows for swarms like Minion Horde, Goblins,… Don’t forget to get your Arrows ready once your Golem has crosses the bridge in order to remove all swarms quickly

Archers: A great support troop for this deck. What’s crucial is that they live through a Zap/Log, which is partly why I like them over Princess in this deck. They can do some serious damage behind Golem and are great against the typical cards people will play to try and kill Golem, like Minions or Inferno Dragon. They’re also very strong against Lava Hound which is something you’ll encounter quite a lot nowadays.

Baby Dragon Golem Deck Strategy:

First of all I like to start with the Spilit Archers or Minions if they are not in my hand, I try to cycle to it or I start the Golem from the back, it’s risky but I’m a risky player If you don’t want to start first then

You need to see what type of deck your opponent is using, save Lightning for Double Elixir, or until you know they don’t run 3 Musketeers.

Start the Golem off in the back, so you can build up a strong push, start off with a simple push, see how they defend and act accordingly for your next pushes.

They defend with Barbarians or Minion Horde, use the Baby Dragon in your next push. They defend with Tombstone, or Cannon + Witches, Wizards, Musketeers, or Inferno Towers prepare your Lightning Spell.

Use the Mega Minion with Archer and Baby Dragon to defend any major push of their own. Arrow down any Princesses, Skeleton Armies, or Goblin Barrels That’s it for this Golem Heal Spell Deck guide

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I Hope you found this Baby Dragon Golem Deck helpful and You can push further with This Deck on ladder. Just remember, practice makes perfect my friend