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clash royale august 2016 update


THE NEWS IS COMING INSIDE THE  Supercell’s Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, big update is coming soon clash royale august 2016 update. If rumors prove accurate, the highly-addictive game will soon be a lot more fun to play.(clash royale august 2016 update)


Fans of Clash Royale have been clamoring for an update to the game,

\mainly due to a number of factors, from difficult-to-obtain cards to some overpowered characters, that make the game too frustrating for its own good.

Early this August, however, fans of the game were greeted by a very welcome message from the developer.

In the game’s official forum, Supercell announced that it would be rolling out an update for the game very soon, and that the changes it would implement with definitively improve the mobile title’s gameplay.

Three things were pointed out by Supercell in its announcement, headlined by an improvement in the game’s tournament features. The developer further stated that the upcoming update would also make Legendary cards far more obtainable. Finally, the update would also introduce new cards and a few balance tweaks.

Though the developer did not elaborate further, fans of the game have begun speculating on what the upcoming update might hold. Many avid Clash Royale gamers believe that the balance tweaks, for one, would primarily deal with a Mini Pekka nerf, simply because of the fact that the little unit currently has a pretty OP damage and appearance rate.

clash royale august 2016 update,leaked update


Huge nerefed 

A supposed leak from Supercell has also emerged online, outlining the intricacies of the upcoming Clash Royale update. Among those outlined in the leak include a 4 percent health increase for the Knight,

as well as a health cut of 9 and 4 percent for Giants and Barbarians.(leaked update)

Miners  damage reduction of 3 percent, while Bowlers would receive a damage boost of 3 percent. Lastly,

the leak also seemed to confirm the rumors about the Mini Pekka nerf,  receive a health decrease of 7 percent.

Though these are but speculations at this point, players of Clash Royale could be sure of one thing. Once the update rolls out, the game would most probably get even more addictive than before. 


clash royale august 2016 update,leaked update