Best Decks After September Update

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Arena 6+ Best Decks After September Update

Hey guys it’s H! AaqibzZz and today I am going to share with you Some of  my favorite Arena6+ Best Decks After September Update ,These decks Are Working very well in Tournaments,Yesterday I won Grand Challenge chest after using These Decks Let’s Check It Out Best Decks After September Update

              1. Hog Log Trifecta Best Deck after september Update

This is My Best Deck After September Update bcuz I honestly feel like the Log is gonna be pretty strong after the most recent balancing changes(9/19) Now The Log finally pushes back all ground units Best Decks After September Update

Best Decks After September Update

Hog Log Trifecta  Including a level 7 Hog, level 9 common cards and The Log as a Legendary, this Hog Cycle deck has only average elixir cost of 3.1, which is pretty low.Hog Log Trifecta  You should do some small pushes in early game. My favorite combos are Hog + zap (6 elixir), Hog + The Log (6 elixir),Only Hog (4 elixir). Best Decks After September Update


However, don’t overspend on your push. Your main goal is not to take your opponent outat early game but to know what they are using to deal with your push. However, it would not be surprised if you can deal a moderate amount of damage to the Tower, in case they make a bad move or do not have right cards on hand. Read More »

                               2. Hog Mirror Deck Arena 6+

This Hog Mirror Deck is one of the cheapest yet a very effective deck for trophy pushing. I have tested it myself and it give me a good match result. 

Best Decks After September Update

Hog Rider Your main tank used to take down the towers, as you will be able to cycle through very quickly. Mirror will allow you to double the trouble by having two Hog Riders If you play it right you can even get 2 Hog Riders at the same time both hogs can get lots of damage, Best Decks After September Update

Be sure to use the Cannon reactively to hit your opponent’s Royal Giant. Use other troops to deal with supporting troops near the Royal Giant.  Minions + Goblins can deal loads of damage withing seconds and take down the Royal Giant very quickly Read More »

                 3. Giant Lighting Deck Arena 8+

I think this the best Giant Lighting Deck push to legendary arena,Lightning now offers a 0.5 second stun like Zap,It’ll stun the Prince, Dark Prince, and Sparky. Best Decks After September Update

Best Decks After September Update

In Arena 9 Lots of players are using him and most decks from top players are utilizing This Lighting spell,Starting off with any deck the runs Elixir Collector you want to get your pumps going.

If you don’t have your pumps, then either send in a Giant attack to see what your enemy is playing while getting some free damage on their tower.

You have Bowler you can also drop it Behind the Giant+ice Spirit.If you have the elixir collector coming up next,then just cycle with either Skeles or ice spirits  Read More »