Arena 4 F2P Deck

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Arena 4 F2P Deck Push to Royal Arena 7

Hi Guys zman2100 here and I used this Arena 4 F2P Deck from about 1400 or so to push up into Arena 6 and now 7. Before the Tesla nerf I was using that instead of Tombstone, and I was using Minion Horde instead of Archers for a while. I eventually got Freeze and tried Hog+Freeze for a while but it just wasn’t working for me, and returning to this Arena 4 F2P Deck  is what finally pushed me up into Royal Arena. Arena 4 F2P Deck

Arena 4 F2P Deck

This is a control deck and is all about properly countering your opponent and pushing off of counters or when you know your opponent is low on Elixir. Here’s a quick look at the cards and how I play them. Arena 4 F2P Deck

Arena 4 F2P Deck Card Role:

Archers: Really solid support unit that I now prefer using over Minion Horde because of the cost and their ability to survive through most Arrows (depends on the level of the Archers and Arrows). Their slight attack speed buff was nice and they pair really well with Spear Goblins to do a ton of damage on one target.


Barbarians: An excellent defensive unit that fits well into almost any deck. They’ll take down a tank, Prince, Hog Rider, etc. and usually live to fight towards the other tower. Not a great offensive unit but if you start a counter push they can soak up some damage for your support units behind them. Be wary of playing them against a Hog since usually the Freeze will come. Drop them behind a Giant Skeleton after he crosses the river so that they’ve survive the bomb. Arena 4 F2P Deck

Spear Goblins: Cheap at 2 Elixir, can attack ground and air units, and are really fast. I don’t think I’ve ever run a deck that doesn’t have Spear Gobs. They’re a good play against Balloon, against a Hog post-Freeze, and pair well with Archers behind Barbs or Baby Dragon on a counter push. Arena 4 F2P Deck

Fireball: I prefer Fireball over Arrows because of it’s incredible strength against pushes. It’s still a +1 Elixir trade against Minion Horde, will take Barbarians down to practically no health, and will push enemies back a little bit if they survive the blast. Great for dropping right on a big push as they cross the bridge. Always know how much damage Fireball does against a tower in case it gets down to the end and you can finish a tower with Fireball. Does great clearing the way for Hog Rider but is a risky play at 8 Elixir. Arena 4 F2P Deck

Baby Dragon: Baby Dragon is another card I feel like needs to be included in almost every deck. Will one-shot Spear Gobs, pretty quickly takes out Barbs, can take out a Bomb Tower, and acts as a great tank on a counter push for your Spear Gobs, Archers, and Hog Rider to follow behind. Arena 4 F2P Deck

Hog Rider: Hog Rider needs no introduction as it’s one of the most powerful Tower-damaging units in the game right now. I play Hog Rider immediately if an opponent drops an Elixir Collector at the beginning of a match, and will drop it at other times if I know they’re low on Elixir. Does great on counter pushes if you find yourself with a lot of units still alive from defending. Arena 4 F2P Deck

Lightning: This is really the most important card in the deck. Understanding how to properly use Lightning is crucial to putting yourself ahead. There is nothing more frustrating than beginning a push by dropping your Wizard, Witch, Bomber, or Musketeer behind your tower, then dropping your tank at the bridge, only to have one or two of your support units taken out, leaving your tank without any support and your tower with ~10% less health. Arena 4 F2P Deck

Tombstone: After playing around with a lot of different counters to Hog+Freeze, I really think Tombstone is the best counter. I’ve discovered that most Hog+Freeze users will play Freeze before the Tombstone is destroyed, meaning that the 4-skeleton swarm will kill him Arena 4 F2P Deck


I feel like I covered how to play this Arena 4 F2P Deck with the card descriptions, including how to counter some popular combos/decks, but let me know if you have any questions.