Clash Royale April Update

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Hi guys Clash Royale’s newest Radio Royale has been released! (watch Video below) Inside that video they shared a few really interested pieces of information. I’ll share what stood out to me and give my take on things today in this Post. Including Royal Giant and Elite Barbarian Nerf as well as an update hint eluding to a new game mode for 2v2 so come take a look at this Clash Royale April Update Hint From Radio Royale Also Check Out Clash With Ash Video Here ⇒ REJOICE!!! RG/Elite Barb Nerf & Update Hint from Radio Royale 

Clash Royale April Update

Clash Royale April Update Hint

  1. For balancing they mostly use metrics like usage rate and win rate (at all levels)
  2. Spells like Zap or Log are so versatile this is why they have a higher usage rate, while XBow has a low usage rate but high win rate (this indicates you need skill to use it)
  3. RG deploy time will go from 1 second to 2 seconds
  4. EB get 4% less health and their first hit will hit 0.1 secs slower
  5. No imminent plans to redesign Sparky
  6. Tournaments may need a redesign, timeframe seems to be next year
  7. CR is using an in-house engine (as do all SuperCell games)
  8. Legendary building: they once had an ice wizard tower but it was too powerful, they focus more on offensive playing so they scrapped it
  9. The message “Your opponent disconnected” was removed to not have people rush their opponent as soon as they read it
  10. True blue/red should all be fixed by now
  11. In-game friends will be added for sure (not necessarily next update though)
  12. Last patch they redid the targeting AI and also fixed a bug with a rocket hitting two ice golems and dealing double damage, but this caused the Xbow/Dart goblin hit speed bug so they patched it quickly in a maintenance break (tweaked it)
  13. SC games and updates always try to stay under 100 MB (which is the limit you can download without WiFi), keeping it small allows more people to play and update, with the growing game stuff like hires graphics now gets downloaded in the background
  14. Interchangeable emotes would be cool and they hope to do them anytime soon
  15. Public test realm (like Overwatch has): would require a second app in the store, on mobile its not that easy to accomplish
  16. They personally play Lavahound/Lightning and Mortar decks, also Battle Ram+Bandit
  17. Next update: new 2 vs 2 game mode is in the works

Thanks for reading this Epic Challenge Decks All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome watch Radio Royale Full New Episode For More Info Enjoy All the information Share By Snakeblood69

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