Clash Royale Addiction Help

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Hi Guys Clash Royale Addiction Help Tanuj hereToday we will talk about How do l stop playing Clash Royale? Clash Royale Addiction help ? How can I overcome addiction to Clash Royale? So Guys the question is Why Clash Royale is so addictiv ? It is because they don’t stop. They keep going on, and you feel like you have to keep up, or suffer the consequences.You just want be better. You always want to improve and the game is fun to play and create a deck and Play with your friends in real time. Clash Royale is so addictive because it doesn’t just end like clash of clans.There’s always something going on.

Clash Royale Addiction Help

Clash Royale Addiction Help

I was addictive to this game and when I woke up I used to play it without even brushing my teeth sometimes .Yes I was addicted.The game is designed in such a way  3hr chest  + 10 gem Clasic Challenge and New Update brings Quest system that it keeps u hooked for hours.I even used to watch YouTube videos for CR for hours. Well,

I was also addicted to Clash of clans, I also thought that I would never be able to leave the game. But, everything which comes has to go.I have also played Clash Royale. The game was not too addictive then, as compared to Clash of clans.


So, now to the point, there comes a certain point at the game, which will seem to be too boring to play.That’s what happened with me when I played Clash of clans.

So, I believe that the best way could be that you should play till you reach that point, get bored, and leave the game.

But if you are too impatient to let that happen (coz it will take time), then the best Clash Royale Addiction Help way could be:

  1. Uninstall: The game (believe me that works, coz you won’t like to download the game again and again and run out of data)
  2. Find something to do in the free time, or the time you used to devote to Clash Royale. Find something that interests you. That would keep you occupied all the time.
  3. If you don’t want to uninstall, then switch off notifications of the game. Sometimes, you may like to play the game, if you are too bored, or if you want recreation. So, if you aren’t brave enough to uninstall, then keep away those notifications, so that you could concentrate on your studies.
  4. Deactivate your account. This would be a permanent solution, as you won’t like to start all over again. Write to the supercell community to deactivate your account, giving full details of your account.
  5. Self control is must. If you can’t do anything, atleast control yourself. That’s the best you can do.

You should have torealise that life is just not about just playing and spending alot of our time on games.You are lucky to even read, write,move . Most of people can’t do it because of illness.You are unique.Life is about dreams, goals, ambitions, following your passion.The sooner you realise this it’s going to be more beneficial for you.Spend time on developing yourself. Everybosy should play the games But Don’t become addictive So, hope you would be successful.

Best of luck Guys and Share This Guide with you friends If they are also  addictive to Clash Royale 

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