4 new cards

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4 New Cards

Sneak peek 2 is ready guys Supercell is Going to be release 4 New Cards And the First one is Mega Minion 

It had 695 health, did around 300 damage, 3 elixer, and pretty huge. It’s unlocked at arena 7 and I’m pretty sure his was maxed out. 4 New Cards

SNEAK PEEK #2 – 4 New Cards !

  • Mega Minion: Available soon!
  • Every Two Weeks: One new card will be released!
    Forum exclusive info:
  • Soon you’ll be able to see when your friends are online/offline, and spectate their battles!
4 New Cards
Mega Minion can stop most ground units It deals more damage than a Musketeer without getting targeted by
ground units It does pretty well against the Lava Hound.It can easily shred the Lava Hound, soak damage from the Pups and 1 shot each of them.It has really high DPS

Mega Minion survives the Fireball/Zap/Arrows.It has the same attack range and movement speed as the regular Minions. Mega Minion has slower attack speed (1.3s/hit). His HP and damage is basically combined of the 3 Minions



Sneak peak #2: is really awesome.This feature (the online/offline feature) was asked for forever in CoC and ruled out. That and live spectating of clan mates battles are a real push in the direction of making this a game to spend more time on. 4 New Cards 

4 New Cards

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