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Hi Guys What’s app Great news for Clash Royale fans! A recently leaked video has shown all the details and information regarding the upcoming 4 new mystery cards that will come on the month of  November and  december there was a leak of the new cards in Clash Royale, Tornado, Electro Wizard, Elite Barbarians and Clone Spells So You may be surprised as to how fast the new troops are! Full details regarding 4 New Cards Leaked including gameplay can be found below.

4 New Cards Leaked

                                                      Clash Royale 4 New Cards Leaked

Tornado Spell – as expected, the tornado spell card will pull all troops that are within the 5-tile radius into the eye of the storm while dealing minimal damage over time. This effect lasts for 3.2 seconds.

Elite Barbarians – the new card will deploy 2 Elite barbarians that has a crazy movement speed. The new and improved barbarians has a good amount of HP that can still soak some damage but the strength of the card relies on its heavy damage which can easily destroy a tower if left unchecked. You may be seeing a lot of this card on various deck and it may even replace the Royal Giants in the future.


Electro Wizard – this card is one of the next star when it comes to attacking cards as not only does it deals significantly high damage, each of its strike also stuns multiple targets (AoE splash) for 0.5 seconds. Also, when this card is deployed, Electro Wizard casts level 8 Zap spell on its landing area. Despite its poor HP, the card makes it up for its insane crowd control and damage. With just 4-Elixir cost, this baby will soon dominate the arenas.

Clone Spell – Much like the clone spell in Clash of Clans, this version duplicates any troop(s) within its area of effect. The downside is that, the cloned troops have very poor HP(1 HP) and can easily be taken out with any spells or towers. Additional information that we’ve gathered is that the spell doesn’t clone Golemites and Lava Pups.


4 New Card Upgrading to max level  you can see in the leaked video Below:


So what do you think is the best card that for your deck? How will the new meta changed with the upcoming new cards? Share your ideas in the comments down below!