3 musketeers Deck

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Anti meta Ice Wizard 3 musketeers Deck

Hi Guys Justince Here and today i going to show you 3 musketeers Deck that got me to my PB (where I sit now) of 3328 at full tourney cap levels — I’m a level 9 running 9/7/x/1, and it’s really strong versus most meta decks. This deck is a control deck until double elixir hits/you can get down two healthy pumps. Once the time is right, the playstyle of this 3 musketeers Deck completely changes! 3 musketeers Deck

3 musketeers Deck

3 Musketeers Deck Card Role:

3 Musketeers – Your primary win condition card. I really dislike playing this card early on without knowing my opponents rotation; a suprise 3 musketeers played at the right time when you’ve baited out their fireball/poision will win you the game alone. Considering that i face level 8 fireballs more often than level 7, proper timing of my 3 Musketeers is key.

Minion horde – Your second win condition card. Useful to bait out poision/fireball; high risk-high reward offensive and defensive card.


Knight – Your primary tank, invaluable for distracting support units behind giants, great pump defense (ALWAYS DEFEND YOUR PUMPS), extremely undervalued card. Allows for so many positive elixir trades.

Pump – Obvious. Play it when it’s safe. Unless they have a rocket, you almost always want to pump up BEHIND your crown towers so enemies can’t get insane value fireball/poisions off your pump/3 Musketeers /towers in 1 shot.

Ice spirit – Again, obvious. The reason why I have it over zap is that the freeze is much more useful in conjunction with the 3 Musketeers /horde and it can be used do things like pull a MP, defend vs a hog with knight, supplement 3 Musketeers once them cross bridge if you predict something like goblins etc

The Log – The log and ice wizard alone can really slow down big buildup pushes long enough for you during double elixir. It’s also the most reliable counter to the princess in the game which can be this deck’s bane at times. The log, again, can also be used in a pinch as a solo defense vs barbs, MP, Valk etc

Ice Wizard – Great defensive card, good support for the 3 Musketeers as well. Phenomenal card to use in conjunction with knight/log/horde/3 Musketeers for positive elixir trades on defense (or to set up huge counterpushes)

Miner –So versatile it’s unreal. In a pinch, it can snipe a princess, supports behind giants, spawners, and pumps. It can also be used with minion horde for a suprise 8 elixir push. Secondary tank for your 3 Musketeers.

3 Musketeers Deck General Tips:

  • This deck, for the most part, has great starting hand potential. Knight, ice wizard, and pump are great cards to drop for the start. You can also gamble with MH/Miner. You can also cycle ice spirit to your pump if it’s next, that can be risky though. 3 musketeers Deck
  • You often want to play this deck like a control deck — make positive elixir trades, do chip damage when you can until the time is right for you to drop the 3 Musketeers. off to do some work. In double elixir time, this deck turns strictly into a beat down deck, since you can drop the 3 muskies, split them, and back both groups up with ease. 3 musketeers Deck
  • Almost always split your 3 Musketeers.. This deck has a 3.1 cost with pump outside of the 3 Musketeers. so keeping dual lane pressure is key. 3 musketeers Deck
  • Holding off on 3 Musketeers. is usually a good idea if you can. Once you know the opponents deck rotation, you can surpise them with 3 Musketeers. at the moment they don’t have an answer for it. The idea is to play the other 7 cards like a control deck, doing chip when you can, but then changing the pace completely once those muskies are down. 3 musketeers Deck
  • Ice wizard is a viable tank to put in front of your 3 Musketeers.. It’s not ideal, but it works. Don’t underestimate it’s slowing capabilites for tanking. 3 musketeers Deck

Anyway, that’s enough for now…Any questions feel free to ask! This deck is so much fun, and I know 3M can be an intimidating card