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2v2 double elixir draft Tips and Tricks Hello everyone today I share you 2v2 double elixir draft challenge sared by u/kennethforever welcome to my 2v2 double elixir draft guide. For some reason, I am far better at draft than any other challenge (max wins on all of the draft events, first try). I decided to share some tips to help you get that legendary chest! It’s tough to suggest skill may be involved in a 2v2 double elixir draft tips and tricks that everyone says is luck based.

2v2 Double Elixir Draft challenge

2v2 double elixir draft

2v2 double elixir draft

It’s true, bad partners can completely screw you over. I went 9-2, started out 1-2 with a partner that left me and one that didn’t drop our only win condition until the final minute. But while you can’t control what your teammate does, you can make choices that can influence the course of the game.

The Drafting Process: Overall Strategy


2v2 Double Elixir Draft challenge

Ideally, you’ll load up with a win condition, a heavy spell, a support troop (ideally a splash one) and a building. You can choose to wait for your teammate to finish drafting, but for most cards it’s not necessary. If you’re stuck, then it’s a good idea to wait. If possible, pick the counters to your cards – if you have a Pekka, choose inferno dragon, which counters your Pekka, and then electro wizard which counters the inferno dragon. Be sure to break up combos for your opponents – if one of them has executioner, don’t give them tornado. If one of them has miner or graveyard, take poison. If they have three musketeers, take battle ram or heal. It’s just as much about what you’re giving yourself as what you’re giving your opponent.

The Drafting Process: Win Conditions

You obviously want to have at least one. Generally, I find the best win conditions to be graveyard, royal giant (cancer alert sorry), and balloon.

Graveyard is simple and creates a lot of pressure, use it with a tank to bait out defense troops and use your heavy spells (lightning, rocket, fireball) on them. If you have poison that’s even better. The best tanks are giant / royal giant as it poses a dual threat. Miner can also work but it’s not as reliable.

Royal giant is good in draft because it’s almost guaranteed damage with the right support. In addition, swarm troops are less prevalent, and while buildings can be a nuisance, they can be taken down quickly.

Balloon is a huge threat due to the shortage of air targeting troops in draft. Even a single drop is devastating. It works best when paired with a giant or a golem. Take it over almost anything else.

Pekka is another solid option, choose it over royal giant or giant. It can be hard to counter without the right cards.

In this game mode it can be hard to reach the tower with a tank (namely Giant) due to the sheer number of troops on the field. Golem is your best bet.

I would stay away from hog rider as there are too many troops to defend it. Miner is a far better option as it can be used on defense.

Elite barbarians rarely get to the tower. Don’t count on this being your primary win condition. You need to support it as the support troops will deal the most damage. Hound is also unreliable as you rarely have air troops to back it up with. Choose any other tank – for 7 elixir, it poses very little threat by itself.

Goblin barrel is great for chip damage if they don’t have log or arrows as it’s almost guaranteed to land one hit. I would send something to tank for it instead of throwing it by itself.

Three musketeers is a hit or miss card. They’re quite volatile due to the sheer amount of spells. Deploy them away from your arena towers to be safe, and don’t clump them up with your other troops. I would stay away, and would only pick them if I had their counters (fireball / lightning).

The Drafting Process: Spells

Spells are a very important part of this game mode, as they are the most reliable way to get damage. For this reason, you almost always want to choose the heavier spell – rocket over fireball, lightning over arrows. Use good judgement – if you gave them goblin barrel, be sure to have arrows or log.

Personally, poison and rocket are my favorite spells in this draft. I pick poison over fireball just in case I’m lucky enough to be given a graveyard. If not, it’s still a great area of denial spell and does more crown tower damage than fireball.

The Drafting Process: Support Troops / Buildings

Prioritize splash troops in the drafting process. Executioner and wizard are gold. Bowlers are pretty good and valkyrie is also very good. Choose them above almost anything else in the draft. Also, make sure you choose ranged troops, they are far more important than melee troops (in my opinion). For single targeting troops, you should choose the heavier troop (generally) – archers over spear goblins, etc. Obviously if one troop counters the other, like electro wizard and sparky, pick electro wizard (sorry to all sparky fans).

Buildings are great in this game, allowing you to slow down tanks and stop small pushes. The best ones are inferno tower, bomb tower, and barbarian hut. For the offensive building, go with mortar. Xbow is best when played on defense due to the large amount of troops on the field at once.

Some theoretical decisions you’ll have to make:

Ice spirit vs fire spirit: fire spirit.

Goblins vs spear goblins: goblins.

[Any support troop] vs ice golem: [Any support troop]

Knight vs Valkyrie: situational, use best judgement (go with Valkyrie if you can’t decide)

Goblin barrel vs miner: Goblin barrel if you know you haven’t given your opponent log / arrows, miner if you or your teammate has log / arrows.

Miner vs hog: I usually go with miner unless your teammate lacks a win condition.

Bomb tower vs goblin hut: bomb tower

Archers vs dart goblin: archers (similar dps, survives log and arrows, but it’s just my personal preference. Dart goblin is far superior on offense)

[Defense building] vs knight: [Defense building]

Mortar vs xbow: Mortar because it occasionally gets a hit but if you like using defensive xbows it does a great job.

Electro wizard vs musketeer: Electro wizard

Princess vs archers / dart goblin: I usually take archers / dart goblin unless you’re severely lacking in splash damage.

Prince vs dark prince: Prince

Night witch vs [Any non splash troop]: Night witch

Night witch vs Executioner / Wizard: Executioner / Wizard

Lumberjack vs mini pekka: Mini pekka (better on defense. If you like LJ more go for it, but that’s just my preference).

Battle ram vs hog: Battle ram

Bandit vs [Any card 3 elixir and below]: Bandit

Bandit vs [Ranged troop 4 or more elixir]: [Ranged troop 4 or more elixir]

Skeleton army vs guards: Skeleton army if you know they don’t have zap or log, guards if you know they do.

Minion horde vs barbarians: Tough matchup, I would go with barbarians as they don’t die to fireball while also distracting ground troops. If you do go with minion horde, beware of spells.

Mirror or clone: Clone

Heal or freeze: Freeze, depending on the cards you have.

Tornado or [Any non damaging spell]: Tornado

Match Guide

Three minutes (or more) of double elixir is extremely intense. You should open with a cheap threat like fire spirits or princess at the bridge, but be wary of playing anything expensive at the back if it’s not a tank.You’ll be able to recover from elixir deficits quickly.

Don’t be afraid to be aggressive, and most importantly, don’t let elixir leak! Don’t bank on one good push winning you the game as chances are it won’t. You need to be constantly chipping away at your opponents tower and applying pressure. Use your spells liberally on the arena towers while getting their troops (just don’t pull a Chief Pat). I would avoid split lane pushing as you need to concentrate your damage on one lane. You should hover your win condition to let your teammate know you are starting a push, and after that you don’t need to hover your support troops.

Playing good defense will win you the game. Everything happens so quickly that it will be hard to hover your cards on defense, but do your best to play smart. Even if you over defend, you’ve got a nice counter push going. You can tap on your teammate’s name to see what card they currently have selected. If you have a building, abuse it, and keep it on the field as much as possible.

Yes, I know that you’ll get bad teammates. Trust me, I’ve had more than my share. But once you get past those initial wins you’ll find people that are genuinely not terrible. By the time you reach 6-7 wins, your teammates will be pretty good, and most of your losses will simply be the result of you not playing well enough. By the time the last two games roll around, you’ll definitely not be paired up with any random noob. Yes, there’s randomness in the draft – you can’t choose what cards are available for you to draft – but from this guide, I hope you’ve learned to make the most of what you got. Thank you for reading.