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Hi Guys  wafflep357 here  and today I am going to show you my 2.9 Miner Knight Poison Deck I have gotten lots of 12 win challenges I have a fairly decent amount of skill and experience at using zap/spell bait deck.This Miner Knight Poison Deck Deck also working well for me in tournaments My Miner Knight Poison Deck contains a lot of current META Cards Such as Kbight, Poison, E Wiz which is needed for these kind of deck so Come and take a look at this 2.9 Miner Poison Deck guide Also Take a look at these November Meta Decks 2017

2.9 Miner Poison Deck

2.9 Miner Poison Deck Card Roles:

knight: The Knight is very good on defense and also can be very good on offense when the knight tanks the tower and the miner go are onto the tower this allows the miner to take no damage and after all the Miner hits it adds up. When it is paired with the ewizard or/and the inferno it can counter every architect.

Miner: Miner is the main win condition. when it is paired with poison it deals so much damage if you keep doing it over and can also be used on defense if you don’t have your knight in cycle.there are so many combos that can help the miner get so much damage. most of the damage will be dealt by this card.


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E wiz: The ewiz is one of the main defense in this deck it’s like playing a musketeer and a zap in one card. it is very helpful against air decks like lava loon and ground decks like Hog. When this is paired with the inferno it can defend basically every archetype. It is also very good if you use it on defense and the ewiz still have health then you can send a miner in an if you’re lucky to get a few hits with the ewiz which will deal a lot of damage.

Skeletons: This is a cycling card,it helps the deck move faster and is also very good when paired with the ice spirit which can take out Miner, Mini Pekka, knight, Musketeer, Wizard(if you let it get one hit on your tower.this card can get you elixir leads and can help you cycle to another card

Ice spiritthis is also the other cycle card when in combo with the skeletons you can defend a lot of stuff. This card is also very good at giving you a little bit more time to defend something or reset it.

Inferno tower: this card is used against heavy decks and is good against hog in double elixir if your opponent plays lighting in your deck make sure to space the ewiz out and make sure its high up near the river.

Poison: this card is very good when paired with the miner and is the main heavy spell in the deck. It takes care of minion horde, takes cares of pumps when paired with the miner, good against lots of cheaps troop all next to each other.It takes care of three muskies.

Log: The log is the cheap spell in the deck and is used for Goblin barrels, skeleton army, Goblin gang, gobs, a lot of cheap troops behind a tank. Good at chipping at a tower. It’s also very good at stop battle ram when paired with the knight.

Tips for every game If they have pump play knight tanking the tower and miner if the miner cannot get on the pump because they put like a goblin gang down poison because you can just cycle right back With ice spirit and skeletons.

The main push with this deck is knight ewiz behind the knight that tanking then miner poison but that’s only if you get a huge lead.

Some good pushes can be knight miner, miner ice spirit, miner electro wiz if you counter something and it still has health. Or just plain miner poison.

How to defend each archetype with This 2.9 Miner Poison Deck

Lavaloon: to beat lava loon make sure that you have your ewiz and Inferno tower in cycle. Inferno can take out the lava hound and ewiz can stop the balloon but also poison because the pups might distract the ewiz or kill it, it can also give you more value if they also put minions in there. Make sure if they have lighting space out the inferno and ewiz

Decks with mega Knight: Knight and Inferno tower can take it out. Miner (if that’s all you have at the moment) and inferno. Ewiz and knight maybe ice spirit if you want to make sure. Miner and ewiz (again if that’s all you have in your hand).

Seige Mortar/X bow For mortar try to place your knight in the other lane that makes it so your knight takes all the damage. Then just place ewiz at the bridge. For xbow try to tank with knight but also try to play inferno then protect the inferno but don’t place too much to give them a value fireball.

Hog decks before 2 times Elixir try not to play just Inferno tower (unless they play like a knight in front of it) but try to use knight ice spirit, ewiz skeletons,just ewiz if you don’t care about taking one or two hits, if they play gobs or ice spirit then knight Log would work. But after 2 times Elixir play it anytime unless they are playing another tank with it.

Bait zap (Adams deck) try to hold on to your log for the goblin barrel, don’t play knight or ewizard behind the tower, if they rocket just the tower before 2x Elixir then go for a huge push. If they place princess close to the tower then miner it or go in for a little push with the knight and miner may be poison if they play Goblin gang.Try to counter push with the ewizard and cycle it back so that just in case they out cycle you, you can use the ewizard and take a little bit of damage.

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Thanks for reading this Clash Royale 2.9 Miner Poison Deck guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome Pls Tell me in comment box If i Missed somthing Also Check Out Below Sir tag Cr Video on this 2.9 Miner Poison Deck