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Hey guys, EliSolo here bringing you the most informative and in-depth guide to the 2.6 Hog log Deck. This Hog log Deck is also known as the new hog trifecta however we’ll just call it the 2.6 hog cycle deck. I know there has been many guides on this deck as it’s very well-known. However, I think that this guide can really help a lot of players whether you play hog often or not. It has a lot of the basics but also a lot of the advanced offensive and defensive tips, tactics, and strategies. I’ve been playing this deck for almost 2 months now and I’ve gained a lot of experience on how to play this deck. I’ve learned from my mistakes, and I’ve learned from many pro hog players such as SushiPayPay, marcel_p, and more. I’ve spent a lot of time and effort putting together this guide for you guys so I hope you can learn from This 2.6 Hog log Deck ! Enjoy!

2.6 Hog log Deck

Deck Overview:

Hog Rider: Your win condition in the deck. In my opinion, this is the best win condition in the game. It is such a great card and learning how to play a hog cycle deck can be very useful as hog is always viable in the meta. It provides so much value for 4 elixir and has created such an fun and skillful hog cycle archetype. Hog cycle decks can literally beat anything if you can master them. This is why the Hog Rider is personally my favourite card in the game.

Musketeer: Your main support card. This deck is very reliant on the musketeer as it’s your only effective support card on defense. It can be used on offense however almost always it will be from a counterpush. The musketeer is your only effective support card in the deck so that’s why you must save the card for defense almost always. The musketeer is a card of placement so you also must know where to put the musketeer in certain defensive and offensive situations. Overall one of the most important cards in the deck.


Ice Golem: For 2 elixir, the ice golem provides so much value as he can tank, distract, and kite units. Works very well as a tank in conjunction with the hog on offense. I’ve seen many people think that the ice golem isn’t as good after it’s nerf. However, I don’t agree. This card is still 2 elixir and it still provides so much value on offense and defense. A small death damage radius and slow duration nerf a couple balance changes ago hasn’t been too much of a difference.

Skeletons: The first of your two cycling cards. After it’s buff, this is a top tier card again to have in all your cycle decks. For 1 elixir it provides so much value as it has high DPS, and it can kite, distract, and pull enemy units.

Ice Spirit: The second of your two cycling cards. This card provides so much value on offense and defense. It synergizes well with the hog on offense and provides a lot of positive elixir trades on defense.

Cannon: Your main Defense against tanks such as hog riders, giants, golems, etc. This card provides so much value for 3 elixir on defense and is one of the best defensive buildings in my opinion. If played correctly, it can stop anything.

Fireball: The first of your two spells. This card is a beast on offense and defense! I chose fireball over poison because fireball provides you with that instant damage. It works so well at taking out many hog counters, sending in predictions, and taking out swarm units on defense. Can be replaced with poison.

The Log: The second of your two spells. Use this card to take out small, swarm units such as princesses, skeletons, goblins, etc. Can be replaced with zap.

2.6 Hog log Deck Strengths and Weaknesses:


  1. Great at outcycling your opponent’s counters (using your fast cycling cards such as ice spirit, skeletons, and ice golem).
  2. As the deck is very cheap, you’ll be able to apply constant pressure, and still have enough elixir to defend.
  3. As the deck is very cheap, you’ll be able to cycle through your spells very efficiently at the end of the game.
  4. Fireball + The Log combo can be used very effectively to take out common hog counters such as barbarians, cannon, tombstone, skeleton army, etc.
  5. You can pig push very effectively with units such as skeletons, ice Spirit, and even musketeer to bypass a 4-3 planted building (4 tiles from the river, 3 tiles from the crown tower.
  6. Good against other hog decks (cannon can take it out for a positive elixir trade).


  1. Weak to spell resistant hog counters such as bowler and inferno tower (inferno tower isn’t resistant to certain spells for example, lightning, however I’m talking about the cards in solely this hog cycle deck).
  2. Weak to decks with 2 or more hard counters to the hog.
  3. Weak to Beatdown decks which rely on a big push to take the tower. As the deck is cheap and has cheap cycling cards, it somewhat lacks high DPS troops and buildings to stop these pushes.
  4. Weak to graveyard decks (specifically tank-graveyard decks such as golem graveyard and giant graveyard).
  5. Weak to lava hound decks (specifically lava loon decks).

2.6 Hog log Deck General Gameplan:

Your general gameplan in this 2.6 Hog log Deck is to be cycling numerous hog pushes throughout the game. The aim of this 2.6 Hog log Deck is to use your hog and your cheap cycling cards to out cycle your opponent’s defense.

Starting Hand

Hog + Ice Golem is in my opinion the best starting hog push. This is because it can get it a lot of early chip damage, especially if your opponent doesn’t have a sufficient hog counter in their starting rotation. Other good starting hands are hog + ice Spirit and hog + skeletons. If you don’t have your hog in your starting hand you can cycle to it with cheap cards, such as skeletons, ice Spirit, ice golem, etc. If your hog isn’t “next”, I would suggest dropping the musketeer proactively at the back to bank your elixir. This is because I’ve had myself in sticky situations sometimes where the hog is the last card in rotation and I’ve over committed to cycling to it.

Before 2x Elixir

Before 2x Elixir you should be cycling those hog pushes, and defending with cannon and musketeer. Also you should be using those fast cycling cards to cycle your deck quickly and to be able to out cycle your opponent’s defense. Also, keep in mind your opponent’s counters to your hog and when they’ll have it in rotation. For example, if you are going to hog push and you know they have skeleton army in cycle, you need to have your log in cycle to prevent those doots from getting a positive elixir trade on your hog.

2x Elixir and OT

In this stage of the game you’ll want to be more aggressive. As this deck is already a very cheap 2.6 average elixir cost, you’ll be able to cycle your deck especially fast in double elixir and OT. This is when you should really be trying to out cycle your opponent’s defense by cycling your cheap cards. If you’re not able to out cycle your opponent’s defense in double elixir and OT, keep in mind you can cycle through your spells just as fast as you can cycle through your hog, so you can use that to your advantage if your opponent’s tower is low.

2.6 Hog log Deck Matchups:

Giant/Golem Decks

Offensively, you’ll want to save your hog rider until they drop their tank as often as possible. This is because after they drop their tank you are applying pressure to the opposite lane to potentially get in a lot of damage, and force out cards on the opposite lane, weakening their giant/golem push. This is most effective against golems because you can really punish them and catch them off guard on elixir as it’s an 8 elixir tank. However, don’t overcommit to punishing otherwise you won’t have enough elixir to successfully defend. A recommended push in the opposite lane after they’ve dropped their tank is hog + ice Golem. For defensive help, check out my “Separation” section above.

Lava Hound Decks

Our deck is a little weak to lava hound however if you play it correctly it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Again, after they drop the lava hound, I’ll punish in the other lane with the hog. On defense, I’ll normally place the cannon in a 4-1 plant (4 tiles from the river, 1 tile from the crown tower). This will aggro the lava hound onto the cannon. Then, I’ll drop the musketeer on the edge to shoot the lava hound. If they have supporting troops, I’ll make sure my musketeer is targeting the supporting troops first and I’ll distract with ice golem, skeletons, and ice Spirit if necessary. When playing against Lava loon it is important that your musketeer locks onto the balloon. I’ll space out my cannon and musketeer if I know that my opponent has lightning.

Hog Rider Decks

Against hog riders decks, a simple 4-2 plant to defend against the hog is normally what I’ll do. If I know my opponent has the fireball, I’ll try to change up my cannon placements so that they can’t get a valuable fireball hitting my cannon and tower. I may do a 2-2 plant or 3-3 plant. Don’t let them out cycle your cannon, use your cheap cycling cards to cycle back to it. In this matchup it’s key to stay on an elixir advantage and make your opponent play on your rotation of cycling constant hog attacks by making positive elixir trades and applying lots of pressure.

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I hope you guys enjoyed my informative and in-depth guide to this 2.6 Hog log Deck. If you guys liked it, an up-vote would be greatly appreciated as I’ve spent a lot of time and effort making this guide for the community! If you have any questions or concerns, please leave your comments down below and I WILL answer. If you’ve read as far as here, thank you!

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