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Grand Challenge Inferno Miner Deck

Hi Guys Riddle0219 here and As someone who had never gotten 12 wins on grand challenge I felt quite cursed – Today I bought the A8 pack and tried out a inferno miner deck

While using this deck I scored a solid 12-0 and never struggled against goison, in fact the hardest matchups ironically were against furnace/poison and hog/poison, as well as mirror inferno miner decks.

Miner deck

The Gameplan Weaknesses/Strengths:

This deck is fairly simple to play for those familiar with miner-tempo control archetypes. One thing that helped is that I also play spear goblins and minion horde in my ladder deck, so I’m super familiar with those cards and know the weaknesses/strengths. inferno miner deck


With this deck, the goal is to use the miner to chip the tower while simultaneously poisoning it to slow it down. When your opponent drops a pump, you don’t drop miner on pump, instead you place miner right in front of the tower and poison both the tower and the pump. Many experienced players will react by placing something like guards in front of their elixir collector, thus making them die to the poison. inferno miner deck

When defending, simply place your inferno tower and use all your troops for additional backup as needed. Since the deck has minion horde and spear goblins there’s plenty of zap bait for inferno tower and you can very easily win against Goison if you play this deck correctly. I’d even say it is a bit oppressive, if you can get your collectors down you can infinitely cycle miners and place infernos to defend against whatever push your opponent has. inferno miner deck

If you are facing cards like the 3 musketeers guard your poison for them. Against Hog you will have to use the inferno since this deck doesn’t have a strong counter to the pig rider such as barbs or mini-pekka, so you’ll have to rely on inferno to distract and maybe ice spirit and guards. inferno miner deck

Don’t be afraid to use miner defensively when needed, it’s a super underrated move for any miner deck.

This deck does fairly well since it covers many grounds. Against Goison, you have the inferno and guards, plus you can use MH on top of their push if they zapped your inferno. Against LH Lightning this deck does well because it has swarms, rendering lightning less efficient. Against other miner decks it is a bit trickier to win, specially if they have a cheaper, faster paced deck so try to keep up by protecting your collectors and exploring their weaknesses. inferno miner deck


I recommend this Miner deck to anyone interest in miner deck, I honestly thought I’d get crushed but since I’m used to some of the cards in this deck I was able to get a solid 12-0 without many difficulties except against one particular hog cycle inferno tower deck which was very fast paced. Miner deck

If anyone has any questions on how to use the Miner deck , just ask. Personally I prefer this Miner deck compared to the one with bowler because I’m not experienced using bowler, plus this card covers more ground and has more pushing options.