Clash of Clans Update News

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Clash of Clans Update News

Clash of Clans Update News,The “Clash of Clans” game has lost many of its players to “Pokemon Go” despite its recognition and regular updates. However, rumors have been circulating that “Pokemon Go” may soon be banned putting “Clash of Clans” back to its pedestal.Clash of Clans Update News

Ever since Niantic released “Pokémon GO,” fans have been flocking to the augmented reality mobile game and leaving behind previously popular titles like “Clash of Clans.” However, if reports are to be believed, it seems like Supercell is gearing up for a huge September update that will allow the game to compete with Niantic’s.Clash of Clans Update News

Supercell to release September updates

According to reports, Supercell is planning to release an update for “Clash of Clans” that is designed to grab a chunk of the current market once more. It can be recalled that before “Pokémon GO” was released, “Clash of Clans” was dominating every smartphone in the nation. However, many players have grown tired of the game due to lack of diversity and innovation. This led to a sharp decrease in daily active users.Clash of Clans Update News


“Pokémon GO” allows players to relive their childhood dreams of actually being able to catch Pokémon using a map and augmented reality features. And while it remains unclear what additional features or improved changes Supercell has in store for fans, many are expecting it to be for the better.Clash of Clans Update News

Clash of Clans Update News

September updates in wake of Pokemon GO


It is widely believed that Supercell took the feedback of “Clash of Clans” players into account. There are speculations that state that the game will introduce the use of Town Halls to every single player, even those who have not reached a certain required level. As avid fans know, Town Halls are highly beneficial for players who have acquired them since it gives them more features to utilize. However, players can only get Town Halls once they are at level 11 or above. With the rumor that Supercell may be changing this gameplay so that everyone can use Town Halls, a comeback may be in the cards for “Clash of Clans.”Clash of Clans Update News

However, it is important to note that Supercell has not made any such confirmation of an update coming in September. Because of this, fans are advised to take this news with a grain of salt.Clash of Clans Update News


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