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Supercell is preparing to release major updates for its popular mobile game, “Clash of Clans” (COC), in September.

Latest reports suggest that the game developer will introduce new defense systems, buffs, and nerfs.clash of clans september update


Anoushka, a staff member at Supercell, recently stated via the COC’s official forum that the imminent update will feature major changes and balancing fixes to “Clash of Clans.

” Although details about the forthcoming update to “COC” are yet to be revealed, the idea of balancing troops has been welcomed by fans.

The game developer has confirmed that the September update will not follow the same nerf-power up trend that was seen in the previous updates.




However, the much-awaited update will focus on balancing the units currently featured in “COC.”

Anoushka said that balancing is a major factor that Supercell is gearing up to do.clash of clans september update


“Ideally, we would nerf dominant units indirectly, instead of nerfing their HP/DPS/increase housing space etc, but that can’t always be the case,


” Anoushka said. “Balance is not an easy task, even with the smallest changes done to a unit we risk seeing them going from “too OP” to “ineffective” (Witches would be the best example right now),or

conversely underwhelming units becoming the newest OP troop (Bowlers).”

Furthermore, the upcoming September update will include new defense features.


The defense system will target groups of enemy units, in addition to a buff for Witches, which have been ineffective after the recent nerf, according to Neurogadget.


The developer will give further details soon as a short run plan. In the end,

Supercell may be introducing a new type of defense that targets bigger groups of mid-range units.


While no final date is set for  the next update for “Clash of Clans,”

players of the popular game are excited about the prospect of enjoying new features in the title.


Rumors have been rife that the company may be introducing

new features at Town Hall Level 1-10 at the end of this month.

However, this information is yet to be confirmed by the game developer.


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