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Hey Guys,We have some ideas for clash of clans


 The last couple of days I’m sure so many of you have realized that
massive youtubers is like gala dawn chief Patt , nickatnite have all been making
videos about the state of clash real and the problems inside of that game
currently no one thing you will also notice is that chief Pat Gallagher on

Nick at Nite all the big youtubers don’t really play COC anymore

what I’ve done a couple of days ago I asked  to you  guys to give me some
ideas some unique original real ideas which could be brought into the game and

you know what I’ve seen the best idea that I’ve ever seen  and I am  going to show you it right now in this post so we’re about to show you the idea now just before we do I will say this is a


very unique very original idea you may have not seen it before with in this
game you may have seen in other games and I think it would work really well in
this game know if you have any other ideas please feel free to leave them

down below if they are as amazing as this one. 

I’m about to show you some screenshots very shortly just before I
do let me just explain it very briefly as to what the idea actually is ok so
the idea itself
is that every single troop inside of the game will now have the ability to change
colors change features and add additional features on to it now the way
you get these additional features is by using the truth as certain amount of
time and of course
unlocking these additional features so for example take all of Julian call of
duty you got a head shot in the old school games and the more headshots you
got the new cameras you can unlock just like that a similar sort of aspect you
can basically build up experience points with the troops and then as you’ve used
them a certain amount of times you will be able to unlock new features just like brand-new colors so check this out this is the Barbarian


 so please bear in mind  these are just concept ideas nothing is pen to paper and these are just ideas as
I said don’t give no negative hey guys if you’ve got something to say please
try and make it positive constructive criticism
so that this idea can actually be developed so basically the barbarian as
an example
so to unlock the color green you need to use 1000 barbarians to unlock the color
pink you need to use 10,000 barbarians to look likely maybe 20,000 and then
unlock dog blue maybe 100,000 barbarians now please bear in mind guys I said this
is just the concept.
you do not need to just stick the colors maybe we can switch the sword or you
know some hammers some massive axes we could just switch it up so much in the
game that it could really bring some brand new features inside the COC and
bring back thousands of plays imagine if you could have the potential to unlock
all these awesome colors all these awesome features and every single troop
so just to make it clear to everyone for an example you have the yellow barbarian
unlock straight away inside the game you want to unlock the green barbarian you
are going to have to use 1000 barbarians in total
during your gameplay not in one single match guys just in total of course and
to unlock the at the dark blue / purple barbarian you have to use 1000
barbarians in total throughout your gameplay career
this will allow you to use a variety of different troops it will change up every
single person’s attack strategy on a very regular basis
and it will also make the game a lot more fun so I know loads of you out
there are saying but Tony what happens to the troop like wizards who change
colors when they are graded inside a game when you actually upgrade their
levels from you know level 13 to level six
well here’s a great idea guys you can also change maybe they’re fireballs so
with groups like the wizards or any other true pleasure already changed
colors just like the millions maybe you can change their actually know th
little black poop into maybe a blue for a red food
maybe you can change the other Wizards fire ball into a big fireball or yellow
fireball which is already what is a yellowy orange of course maybe a
lightning / blue fire balls so you can do so many different things now as I
said this is just colors you could have such a wider range of things to do
you can include weapons you can include maybe even some other features which i
haven’t yet talked about 
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