Builder Hall 3 Strategy

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I’m a builder hall 3 at 1700 trophies (best was 1722). Now that’s not really something exceptional and there are BH3s well above the 2000s. But there are also many BH3s who are at much lower trophies. Since more trophies = more loot, Builder Hall COC is pretty much all about climbing. So if you’re a BH3 player and you’re a noob like me but not at 1700 yet because you haven’t found these tips, this is for you. If you’re above 1700, I’m not sure if this Builder Hall 3 Strategy Guide can help you. Feel free to read it anyways and critique me 

Builder Hall 3 Strategy

Builder Hall 3 Strategy World Famous Base No. 1

well this is a very famous  Anti 1* Base anonf top players Once You  upgrade Builders Hall to max Level 3, you should get some walls and Defence then arrange them somewhat like in below image


Builder Hall 3 Strategy Defensive tips:

  1. Symmetrical bases generally suck as they don’t take advantage of baiting people and traps usually don’t get utilized as well.
  2. Archers have a range less than 3 tiles so try to have two tiles of space between the walls and your defenses. You might not have enough walls to do this so use trash buildings and traps to protect your more vulnerable defenses.
  3. Push traps have three possible uses: 1) Pushing troops into the crusher (my fav) 2) Pushing sneaky archers inside your base 3) Pushing giants/barbs that are in your base out of your base | I would not recommend using a push trap to land troops onto a spring trap. I kind of feel you’re wasting a trap.
  4. Leave a trash building in the left corner. Preferably one with a large hit box that’s hard to defend like the lab. 9 times out of 10 people will miss it.
  5. Your crusher should always be protected by archer towers and other defenses. You don’t want people to be able to use archers to snipe it. Having a bomb or two outside the wall there isn’t a bad idea.
  6. Set your archer tower to long range. Giants got nerfed so you don’t need another what really is another double cannon and you don’t want archers sniping your stuff.
  7. Leave a wall segment open to exploit troop pathing AI. Have your spring traps and a bomb there to discourage giant and barb users.

Builder Hall 3 Strategy Offensive tips:

  1. Giants got nerfed (attack damage) and a third cannon was added. Throwing giants in randomly really stops working for BH3s and BH4s past 1500 trophies due to better spring trap placements and better defended crushers.
  2. You get more barbarians per camp when they reach level 6. If you use barbarians, get them to level 6.
  3. The gem mine is a huge scam. You get 2.1 gems per day at level 1 and 3.1 gems per day at level 5 when it’s maxed. You know all those obstacles in your base? On average they’re two gems each (for old COC, I think builder base obstacles actually give you more) and spawn every 8 hours or so. Just remove them regularly and you’ll make several times the gem mine production. Only purchase the gem mine if you want extra percentage or don’t have a need for elixir (BUY YOUR THIRD CAMP ASAP)
  4. Past 1500 trophies, most bases will protect their builder hall better. Going for two or three stars won’t be as viable as before. Sniping off a high percentage one star and having a good base will be a lot more reliable.
  5. Always check the entire base if they have a structure or two in the corners. That 5% often is the difference between a win and a loss.
  6. The archers’ cloak ability is IMO the most strategic in the game. Barch is no longer drop barbs then archers. It’s drop archers, wait for their cloak to almost end then drop barbs. Upgrade your archers. Do it.

Builder Hall 3 Strategy My Attack Strategy:

Requirements are 3 camps and level 6 archers. That’s pretty much it.

Composition: All archers or 2 archer camps plus one minion camp (depends on base).

Objective is to get 50% or more. Unless builder hall is vulnerable and not centered, don’t go for it. In addition if the builder hall has two tiles between it and the wall, your archers won’t be in range.

First drop individual archers to snipe off buildings out of range. Drop two for buildings that are in range of defenses. If base has bad air coverage, minions work well against cannon protected areas.

You should easily be able to take out all the structures outside the walls with a few archers left to spare. Use those to take out a couple defenses that are in range from outside the walls. You’ll get a 60% and your opponent most times will get less than 50.

I like this strategy because it’s simple, reliable and doesn’t require much. I’m almost maxed now but I hit 1600 as a BH3 with level 1 defenses and only archers upgraded.

I recommend building your own base, but if you really can’t, you can try using mine. It’s not very good or pretty, and if you use it I suggest you tweak it a bit, but it works surprisingly well. My lab’s not in the screenshot, it’s at the left corner of my base.

P.S. This is my third clash account that I’m playing on. I’m not actually level 33 😀 My best is 1722 but can’t push anymore right now or I’ll waste the elixir from my third win.

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Top 10 Clash of Clans Builder Hall 3 Base

Hi Guys Whats’s up The Droll Troll here and today i am going to show you Clash of Clans Builder Hall 3 Base and as you know This nre Builder Base does not get raided like your Home Village when you’re offline! Nobody can take any resources from you and also you can’t get resources from someone else’s Collectors and Mines 

The Builder Base is Totally different from your main home base. You have a Cannon and an Archer Tower that look a little different. The other defenses are completely unique – including new traps.

Even Walls are also different It has only 5-tile long sections yyou can’t place individual walls, but instead you have to place a section 5-tile of the wall as you can see in above image See More Bases »

Builder Hall 3

Keep in mind In the beginning of the game, your opponent most likely has 8 units and you have to arrange your base in a way that doesn’t allow for sniped outside buildings and first line defenses.I have seen good results in my first 30 battles with this layout

Builder Hall 3 Base No. 1

I’m currently using this base (with all BH3 buildings built) and holding up quite well between 1200-1700 cups.Are there any improvements I could make here though? It’s usually getting 30-50%’ed and it’d be nice if I could reduce that.Also, I think trap placements could be improved 

Builder Hall 3 Base No. 2

Builder Hall 3 Strategy

This Deck is good at 1800 trophies This is a anti 0* deck as you can see all traps  and boms are well placed there is a no chance for giant users to get 1 star on this base More Base Here »

My advice, take your time and be patient. 3 minutes is a long time against these small bases – take your time to take out those snipes and create your funnel. I have found success in coming at a base with a mini kill-squad often for just 1 or 2 objectives. I will give some strategy advice in the ‘Strategy’ section, but it is brand new and more practice is needed really Take a Look At this page for more info Builder Base Attacking Guide 

Thanks For Reading This Builder Hall 3 Strategy Guide Post For More Info Watch my Video Below