Top pubg mobile Tips and Tricks for beginners

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Hi Guys Chicken Dinner Pubg Mobile 2019Today I will Show You Beginners Guide to Chicken Dinner Pubg Mobile 2019 Made by RaptorDaRaptor He posted This Beginners Guide To Chicken Dinner Pubg Mobile On reddit few days Ago so Lets Start Greeting Reddit Players! I’m RaptorDaRaptor, a competitive PUBG player who has played this game for over 3.000 hours since this game came out in Early Access. I’ve been grinding the leaderboards every since season and some of you might remember me from the Twitch Rivals Invitational where Forsen and I took first place with team Spechimen.

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Chicken Dinner Pubg Mobile

Chicken Dinner Pubg Mobile Solo/Duo/Squads

Before grinding a leaderboard, it’s very important to pick the right mode for you as a player. Pick a leaderboard you can be passionate about but at the same time have the chance to improve as a player in the quickest way possible. Here are some of the ups and downs of each mode as a leaderboard grinder.

Chicken Dinner Pubg Mobile Solo


Solo is one of the hardest leaderboards to get into top 10 with and not because of it being the hardest in skill but mainly because for many people it’s very boring to grind. As a solo player you’ll be focussing a lot of getting that match top 10% as high as possible. Most of the times you’ll end up in top 10 of a match because of evading fights, which means having 0 kills. If you do decide to takee fights, you’ll end up getting flanked which can put you back a few hours of grinding.

Chicken Dinner Pubg Mobile Duo

Duos is my personally favourite because it challenges you as a player more than squads but isn’t as boring and RNG as something like solos would be. In duos it’s very important to play with someone who knows how to stay alive as a player because both players are very important in order to get a successful win. In case your teammate DOES die, you’ll be up for a challenge but it will be a winnable challenge (in comparison to 4v1 in squads). This will push your skill to a whole new level.

Chicken Dinner Pubg Mobile Squads

Squads is something for those who’d like to combine grinding with a relaxed feeling of not always having to be consistently good and not lose a single member in the team (Solo/duo). I’d advice this as a starter for most people who haven’t had loads of hours in the game yet or fail to perform in duos. It gives you the initial PUBG gameplay experience but doesn’t completely take away the learning aspect of the game yet. This is also the better mode for those who don’t like to take charge in-game.