Pubg Mobile Attachments Guide 2019 | Loadout With Best Attachments

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Pubg Mobile Attachments Guide 2019 |  Hi Guys Pubg Mobile Attachments Guide 2019 Easily one of my favourite aspects of the game is the ability to create your own loadouts from scratch when you find your endgame weapons. It’s fun to pursue those crazy loadout screenshots with all perfect weapons with full attachments. But which… Read more »

Clash Royale Pass Royale – How to Get Pass Royale Clash Royale

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Clash Royale Pass

Hi, guys today we will talk about Clash Royale Pass Royale – How to Get Pass Royale Clash Royale just like other games Like Pubg Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile. My favourite game Clash Royale has introduced its new Pass Royale in July update 2019 and This Clash Royale Pass Royale Season 1 is called… Read more »

Clash of Clan LavaLoon 3 Star Th9 Guide 2019 LavaLoon Th9 Army

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Star Th9 Guide 2018 LavaLoon Th9 Army

Hey guys, Ershad(Batista) here today I want to introduce to you guys a new 3 star Lavaloon TH9 war strategy. LavaLoon is an excellent attacking strategy utilizing Lava Hounds and Balloons.I personally have become a big fan of air troops and i always bring 3 stars in Clan war You Guys can Check out my profile… Read more »

Clash Royale Siege X Bow Deck Arena 9 | Ice Wiz X Bow Deck

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Hi Guys Arma_GD here and today i am taking about Unstoppable Siege X Bow Deck That Got me to Arena 9,If you have a couple of the more commonly seen Legendary cards and want a deck to push trophies with,crush people for fun with, and/or use because you like somewhat hybrid Siege strategies, you might consider trying… Read more »

Clash Royale-Ice Golem Theory crafting Discussion New Card

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Clash Royale Ice Golem Information Hi Guys Whats up mikethebest1 here and today i am  taking about Ice Golem Information Which is new Card in Clash Royale.I think that you guys will like him a lot because of his very cheap Elixir Cost and his incredible HP, he slows nearby enemies that get hit by the explosion, Ice Golem It… Read more »

Clash Royale- What you need to know about the Inferno Dragon

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Best Inferno Dragon decks

Hi Guys What’s up MasterOfControl here and today i am going to show how inferno dragon works,Inferno Dragon is the new Legendary Card in Clash Royale. It is unlocked at P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse (Arena 4),The Inferno Dragon only targets one unit at a time. Since it takes 1.6 seconds to retarget onto a new unit, if you… Read more »

Clash Royale-Top 3 F2P Best Deck Push to Arena 9

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F2P Best Deck

F2P Best Deck Push to Legendary Arena  Hello my friends, It’s Hyp3rion here  and today I am going to show you the F2P Best Deck which will help you push to Arena 9 Without Legendary Legendary,pushing with Legendary cards is quite easy, especially with Miner, but, getting them is not easy at all. That’s why today,… Read more »

Clash Royale- F2P Mortar Rocket Deck Push to Legendary Arena

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Mortar Deck

Mortar  Deck Push to Legendary Arena HI Guys,What’s up Vaxeri Here and  siege decks are starting to get some light shone on them and people are finding more and more siege decks(mortar deck) that work in today’s meta! This deck I bring to you is a pure siege mortar rocket deck that brought me to 3300 trophies… Read more »