Best PUBG Mobile Beginners Guide 2018, Tips And Strategy

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Chicken Dinner Pubg Mobile

Hi Guys PUBG Mobile Beginners Guide  AriBlue626 here and today I will Show you Some PUBG Mobile Beginners Guide, Tips And Strategy so You shredded through those early bot levels and became hooked, now you’re getting taken out left and right even if you get the jump on them? I’m not an expert, in fact it’s… Read more »

0.8.0 Beta Update Pubg Mobile – New QBZ Gun, Sanhok Map and More

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Hi Guys so finally 0.8.0 Beta Update Pubg Mobile has been out and In this 0.8.0 Beta Update Pubg Mobile we have got the most awaited Sanhok Map, New QBZ Gun, New achievements and titles , I hope this  0.8.0 Beta Update Pubg Mobile will be out for Globally Soon  How to Complete Pubg Mobile Weapon Master Achievement Pubg… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions for the end of Pubg Mobile Season

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Pubg Mobile Season 3 End Date

Hi guys I found this post on reddit made by realbattleroyale He explained very well about Pubg Mobile Season 2 End In this Post You will get to know that What will happen to your Pubg mobile rank , What happens in a season change etc ect so come and take alook at this Pubg Mobile Season 2 End Date… Read more »

How To Get Mission Impossible Parachute Pubg Mobile Rewards

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Hello guys a lot of people who ask How To Get Mission Impossible Parachute in Pubg Mobile  how to complete the mission with the friends in Pubg Mobile so in this guide i will show you  How To Get Mission Impossible Parachute in Pubg Mobile so as you can is below image you will Get Mission… Read more »

Pubg Mobile Tournament | Pubg Mobile Online Tournament India

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Pubg Mobile Tournament India 2018

Games Troops would like to invite you to the First Ever Pubg Mobile tournament in the August Weekly tournament schedule! This tournament will be played on the Asia server,This Tournament Entry Fee is INR100 per Squad winner Squad will receive a cash prize and free entry into Next Games Troops August paid Pubg Mobile Tournament  For Registration… Read more »

Pubg Mobile War Mode Timing | Pubg Mobile War Mode Explained

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Pubg Mobile How To Win War Mode Pubg MobileWar Mode Guide

Hi Guys today i am gonna tell you about Pubg Mobile War Mode Timing and Some Pubg Mobile War Mode Guide, Tips so we all know that  New Pubg Mobile War Mode Guide is very fun to play This is  a  new, faster-paced variation of Arcade mode In new Pubg Mobile War mode supports solo, duo, and squad. The total number… Read more »