Clash Royale Legendary Card Replacements | Legendary Alternatives

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Clash Royale Legendary Card Replacements

Hi All, this is Ven from Orange Seed. Straight up, legendary cards are not replaceable. They get their ‘legendary’ status for a reason. Sometimes, you will find some nice deck that you can’t use because the lacking of ‘legendary card’. This Clash Royale Legendary Card Replacement guide will try to discuss and find the closest replacement… Read more »

Clash Royale August Meta Decks Arena 11 | Best July Meta Decks

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August Meta Decks

Hi Guys we are back and Today we are talking a look at these Clash Royale July Meta Decks and Auguat meta decks Which will help you to get 3 crowns and opponent  towers down very quickly,The main focus of these meta decks is controlling lane pressure.I’m sure you’re aware that Elite Barbarians,Executioner,Furnace,Balloon are used… Read more »

Top 5 Clash Royale Best Graveyard Poison Deck Arena 9+ 2018

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Best Graveyard Poison Deck

Hi Best Graveyard Poison Deck Guyst I tried some Best Graveyard Poison Deck out on ladder with a few weeks ago and I shot up 700 trophies in one day With these Best Graveyard Poison Deck If you Guys are Looking for Best Graveyard Poison Deck Then You should use these Top 5 Best Graveyard Poison Deck It will… Read more »

Clash Royale- Hog Clone Spell Deck Push To 4K Throphies

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Hog Clone Spell Deck

Hi Guys What’s app Hyp3rion.akki here and today i am going to show you Hog Clone Deck Which took me to 4000+ trophies And I am in “Hell” Clan i Used This Hog Clone Spell Deck when i was at 37400 Trophies and after playing some match this deck has become one of my favourite… Read more »

Clash Royale- Best Top 5 Elite Barbarians Deck For Elite Barbs Lover

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Top 5 Elite Barbarians Deck

Hi Guys What’s up today we are talking about Top 5 Elite Barbarians Deck these neat little Elite Barbarians Deck I’ve been trying in Legendary Arena and it seems to be working out AMAZING!!!For those of you Arena 7 and below you may not fancy using these Top 5 Elite Barbarians Deck  1. Miner Elite Barbarians Deck:… Read more »