Top 11 Best Pekka Decks Arena 10 | Best Pekka Decks 2019

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Best Pekka Decks 2018 Arena 9+

Hi guys Hyp3rion.akki here Best Pekka Decks 2019 Arena 9+ Today  we will see Top 5 Best Pekka Decks 2019 Arena 9+  and These Best Pekka Decks 2018 Arena 9+ has been used by a few top players and you might have seen Best Pekka Decks 2018 Arena 9+ being used on the ladder Check Out… Read more »

3 Star Goho th9 Army 2019 | GoHo Th9 2019 | Th9 Goho Army

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Hey guys, Aziz Karami here today I want to introduce to you guys a new 3 star GOHo (Golems & Hog Rider) war strategy. I always bring 3 stars in Clan war You Guys can Check out my profile  Click Here GOHo (Golems and Hog Rider) is a great attacking composition for TH8 and TH9. Under regular circumstances,  Goho… Read more »

Brawl Stars Mortis Guide 2019 | How to Use Mortis Brawl Stars

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Brawl Stars Mortis Guide

Hu Guys Brawl Stars Mortis Guide StealthyNarwhal225 here I haven’t really seen many Brawl Stars Mortis Guide out there, and he’s a fun character to play with, but difficult to master so I decided to make Brawl Stars Mortis Guide and Mortis is different from the other brawlers because instead of attacking regularly, he dashes forward with his… Read more »

Brawl Stars Nita Guide – How To Use Nita In Brawl Stars

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Hi Brawl Stars Nita Guide Guys oxolane here and In this Brawl Stars Nita Guide, I will share some advanced tips with Brawl Stars Nita Guide and hopefully help you use her better. Let me first start out with some info about Nita so come and take a look at this Brawl Stars Nita Guide : “Nita… Read more »

Brawl Stars Colt Guide 2019 | How to Use Colt in Brawl Stars

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Hi Brawl Stars Colt Guide guys RandyZ524 This is My First Brawl Stars Colt Guide and I’d like to talk about my current favorite brawler Brawl Stars Colt Guide , Colt the gunner. While not nearly having the menacing presence of characters like El Primo, or being able to control crowds like Barley or Poco, I… Read more »

Clash Royale Top 5 Three Musketeers Heal Decks 2019 Arena 10+

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Three Musketeers Heal Decks

Hey guys, I’m Aaqib Javed here with the Three Musketeers Hog Heal Spell Deck It works really well in both ladder and tournaments, and has just gotten me to  arena 10 from previous personal best of 2600 trophies. I Am Using three Musketeers in this deck because of Heal Spell If my opponent Throw fireball on Three Musketeer… Read more »