10+Builder Hall 6 Base | BH6 Base 2021 | Bh6 Base Layout | Bh6 Coc

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Builder Hall 6 Base

Hi Builder Hall 6 Base 2021 Guys Hyp3rion.akki here with BH6 Base 2021, and today I will show you some BH6 Base Designs, and we update this page every third day. According to Current Most usage Base and These BH6 Base, Designers are perfect for defense, So not much else to say about these bases…. Read more »

Top pubg mobile Tips and Tricks for beginners 2021

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Pubg mobile beginner guide 2020

Top pubg mobile Tips and Tricks for beginners If you’d like to become better at playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you should read through all of the PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks These tips aren’t going to win you games , if you use them all when you are able to apply these tips your chances of… Read more »

Clash Royale- Mega Minion Lava Hound Inferno Dragon Deck Arena 8+

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Lava Hound  Inferno Dragon Deck For Arena 8+ Hi Guys Whats up CoolMoose here and Today i am going to show you Lava Hound Inferno Dragon Deck I was lucky (maybe, would’ve preferred a miner / ice wizard) enough to receive two inferno dragons today (one in a legendary chest bought in the store, another in… Read more »

Clash Royale-How to Push Trophies (and enjoy the game a lot more)

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How to Push Trophies Hey Guys, kaze03 here, and today I’ll be talking about how to Push Trophies, and what it entails. Before we get started, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. Push Trophies -I’m a level 8 player (3000/5000 XP) -My(ingame)name is Kaze -I average around 2300 trophies (sometimes higher, sometimes lower) -I’m… Read more »

Best Golem Deck After August Update for Arena 7+ Clash Royale

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Best Golem Deck

Best Golem Deck After August UpdateArena 7+   Hi guys, It’s Dexter again  Best Golem Deck and this time I am here to share an easy to use Golem Deck I’ve been using recently in Arena 7.This deck is pretty decent against the current Royal Giant Hog meta,Playing both lanes allows you to also catch your opponent off guard…. Read more »

Golem Lumberjack Deck for Arena 8+ Easy 3 Crowns Clash Royale

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Golem lumberjack deck

Golem Lumberjack Deck for Arena 8+ Golem lumberjack deck for Arena 8+,Hey guys what’s up Hyp3rion here and today we’re going to be trying out another Golem lumberjack deck i actually wanted to throw the golem there because I honestly feel like the golem is gonna be pretty strong after the most recent balancing changes.Golem lumberjack deck,They buff… Read more »

Builder Hall 5 Baby Dragon Strategy | BH5 Baby Dragon Attack Strategy

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BH5 Baby Dragon Attack Strategy

Hi BH5 Baby Dragon Attack Strategy Guys we are taking a look at BH5 Baby Dragon Attack Strategy So we all know that at Builder hall 5 everyone using Mass Baby Dragon attack Strategy because Baby Dragons are one of the strongest troops in the Builder Base at the moment for Bh5 Also Check Out here BH5 3… Read more »

Clash Royale Three Musketeers Pekka Heal Spell Deck 2020

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Three Musketeers Pekka Heal Spell Deck

Hello guys Kissmeclsureyes here and today I am going to show you a new standing Three Musketeers Pekka Heal Spell Deck. This deck successfully got me up to 4100+ trophies as a Free-to-Play player. This deck is extremely fun to play with and can easily surprise your opponent with Heal Spell + Musketeers Combo But it’s… Read more »

Limbo Game Guide Tips , Tricks and Feature

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Limbo is a cross-platform 2D sidescroller game where you guide the main character through dangerous environments to help find her sister. To progress through the game’s puzzles, you have to use a “trial and death” strategy that requires you to fail multiple times before you finally discover a solution. guide a boy through dark locations full… Read more »

Battle Champs Brand New Android Game l Battel Champs 2020

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Battle Champs is a critter-packed strategy game! Climb on board the airship and battle your way to number one   Battle Champ is a game inspired by “Clash of Clans” which may later be replacing the said game. it has 10 adorable little monster called champs to choose from as an army The champs have… Read more »