Clash Royale- $1 Minimum cost to start a Tournament??Talk about it

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clash royale tournament

Clash royale Tournament $1 Minimum cost to start a Tournament??Talk about it,Clash Royale was extremely popular after the global release in March 2016. I hate to say this, but since the last few updates,the excitement has been fading. Clash royale Tournament Lots of players have been saying that the game is dying. Luckily, Supercell have been… Read more »

Clash Royale-September 2016 Update leak More Legendary Cards

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Clash Royale September 2016 Update leak September 2016 Update leak Clash Royale was without any doubt, a popular game when it launched in March 2016. The game instantly gained popularity due to the thrilling gameplay it featured. However, like many other games, it started loosing its popularity after a few months and many players just left… Read more »

Clash Royale Minor Update: Seasonal Trophy Reset

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clash royale Season rest

clash royale Season rest,Hey guys, from today, the Clash Royale Seasonal Trophy resets to 4000 Trophies instead of 3000 like before. Previously, players above 3000 Trophies have been reset to 3000 every two weeks – this is the “Season” – and are awarded Legend Trophies for all deducted Trophies. Starting from the current Season, which… Read more »

August Update–Why The New Season Reset Is Good For Everyone

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Legendary Trophies

With the newest update, we will get to legendary faster/easier, can buy legionaries easier, and have some other way to get them easier too. Woohoo! Legendary Trophies   LEGENDARY ARENA & SEASONS Legendary Arena: Unlocks at 3000 Trophies Seasons: Every two weeks, players above 3000 Trophies will be reset to 3000 and all deducted Trophies will… Read more »

New Balance Changes Coming (8/24)- Clash Royale

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Note: New Balance Changes Coming (8/24)- Clash Royale   Hello guys, as always, Supercell is about to release a new Clash Royale update with lots of new balance changes to refresh the game and make things more balanced. This update did take a pretty long time to be released because Supercell was in the vacation… Read more »

Clash Royale August 2016 Update News (leaked update)

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clash royale august 2016 update   THE NEWS IS COMING INSIDE THE  Supercell’s Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, big update is coming soon clash royale august 2016 update. If rumors prove accurate, the highly-addictive game will soon be a lot more fun to play.(clash royale august 2016 update) Fans of Clash Royale have been clamoring… Read more »

Best Way to Spend Gems – Clash Royale

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Best Way to Spend Gems and Card Mechanics in Clash Royale   What’s up everyone today we’ll be talking about the best way to spend gems.Gems is very valuable for clash royale ,Best Way to Spend Gems   There are 3 ways to aquire cards with gems,Best Way to Spend Gems You can buy chests… Read more »

Clash Royale – NEW UPDATE LEAKED HUGE NERFS/BUFFS (Clash Royale August Update Leak 2016)

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clash royale august 2016 update,Hey guys what’s going on  today we will be talking about a new update coming to  clash royale august 2016 update leaked  clash royale august 2016 update  clash royale august 2016 update  clash royale august 2016 update This post isn’t missleading it’s not clickbait everything in the title and thumbnail is… Read more »