Clash of Clans June Update 2017 New Builder Hall 6 New Defence More

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Clash of Clans June Update

Hi Guys Supercell has revealed the changes and new features coming with the Clash of Clans also we getting new Battle Hall 6 in Clash of Clans June Update With the upcoming Builder Hall 6 Invitational Tournament on the horizon, we wanted to share with you the new features are being released in this next content update…. Read more »

Clash Of Clans Builder Base Everything You need To Know

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Clash Of Clans Builder Base

Hi Guys Finally May 2017 UPDATE IS HERE In this update we are getting Clash of Clans New Game Mode / NIGHT Village / Builder Base! Finnaly the May 2017 Clash of Clans update has arrived, bringing with it a whole new night village and game mode with versus battles- using new troops like ‘Raged Barbarians’,… Read more »

Clash of Clans September Update Leaked- Is Mine Gems For Free??Talk about it

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September update

Mine Gems For Free Game Troops recently reported that Supercell’s “Clash of Clans” will be releasing their new update later this month or September. Clash of Clans September Update Leaked- Mine Gems For Free Clash of Clans September Update Leaked- Mine Gems For Free,Clash of Clans is getting a new update from developer Supercell in the… Read more »

Clash of Clans-September update to introduce Nerfs, Buffs, new defense system

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  Supercell is preparing to release major updates for its popular mobile game, “Clash of Clans” (COC), in September. Latest reports suggest that the game developer will introduce new defense systems, buffs, and nerfs.clash of clans september update Anoushka, a staff member at Supercell, recently stated via the COC’s official forum that the imminent update… Read more »


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Hey Guys,We have some ideas for clash of clans    The last couple of days I’m sure so many of you have realized that massive youtubers is like gala dawn chief Patt , nickatnite have all been making videos about the state of clash real and the problems inside of that game currently no one… Read more »

I am Addicted to Clash of Clans?? Talk about it

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addiction to clash of clans

Addicted to Clash of Clans Hi guys, It’s Amir ahmadi here and this time I am here to share my addiction to Clash of Clans.I always had time for my girlfriend and my studies. But it all changed when I started to became addicted to COC. Then I stopped studying. Addicted to Clash of Clans What is Clash of Clan(coc) I… Read more »

Clash of Clans August 2016 update may feature new content for Town Halls 1-10? Will Supercell grant social media requests?

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                     (Facebook/Clash of Clans)Will Supercell grant the requests from the social media in its upcoming update on “Clash of Clans”?   A spring update on Supercell’s massively addicting “Clash of Clans” has just been confirmed. The main “CoC” update on August on both iOS and Android… Read more »