Clash Royale-F2P Hog Ice Golem Deck Arena 7+

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Hog Ice Golem Deck

Hog Ice Golem Deck Arena 7+ Hi Guys Hyp3rion.Akki here and today we are talking about  Hog Ice Golem deck.this deck isn’t anything crazy or meta changing, The best part of this Hog Rider + Ice Golem is a promising combo! Ice Golem can act as the meat shield for the Hog Rider. Upon death, Ice Golem slows… Read more »

Clash Royale-Sparky Double Prince Deck Push to Arena 9

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Sparky Double Prince Deck

Sparky Double Prince Deck Arena 8+ Hey fellas, I just hit Legendary Arena with this Sparky Double Prince Deck and really want to share it.I got Sparky a couple of days ago and dropped like 300 trophies trying to get the hang of it.. anyway, kinda got it figured out and am now at an all… Read more »

Clash Royale-Giant Furnace Deck Push To Arena 9

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Giant Furnace Deck Push To Arena 9 Hey Guys What’s up,Deeznuts here.This Giant Furnace Deck is awesome in tournaments. The level seven furnace will help you a lot, although technically not necessary to work. Go for the counter-push, and make smart elixir trades. It’s okay to sacrifice some tower damage for a counter-push with a… Read more »

Clash Royale-F2P Golem Poision Deck Push To Arena 9

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Golem Poision Deck

F2P Golem Poision Deck Push To Arena 9 Hey guys,firebeardthegreat here so I’ve been hanging around the 2500 mark lately and practising my Golem Poision Deck on challenges and tournaments and I decided yesterday that it’s time to make my push since I had two crown chests ready to play for. In the span of two… Read more »

Clash Royale-LavaHound Lumberjack Deck 4000 Trophy Push

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LavaHound Lumberjack Deck Arena 8+ Hey guys,MarauderV8 here and if you’re tired of playing Giant / Poison and want to try something different, give this deck a try. I just used it to push to 4000 trophies and it’s actually pretty fun to play. I had never been a big fan of the Lava Hound,… Read more »

Clash Royale-Mortar Mega Minion deck Push to arena 9

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Mortar Mega Minion deck Push to arena 9 Hi Guys CDFalcon here and I recently climbed to 3800 with this Mortar Mega Minion deck.The deck review will be a structured into three parts: an overview of the cards, an overview of the deck’s performance, and how to play the deck. This specific deck was build to counter Giant… Read more »

Clash Royale-Top 3 Best Inferno Dragon Decks For Arena 6+

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Best Inferno Dragon decks

Top 3 Best Inferno Dragon Decks For Arena 6+ Hi Guys, Hyp3rion here and Today we are talking about Top 3 Best Inferno Dragon Decks For Arena 6+,Inferno Dragon is the new Legendary Card in Clash Royale.The Inferno Dragon can be most aptly characterized as a control card. It’s low cost mixed with it’s extremely high damage,… Read more »

Clash Royale-Sparky Inferno Dragon Zap bait Beatdown Cycle Deck

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Giant Inferno Dragon Deck

Sparkey+Giant Inferno Dragon Cycle Deck Hi Guys, CynicalCyndaquil here and Recently I made it to Legendary Arena after floating in frozen peak since the update. I bought a legendary chest from the store, hoping for an ice wizard to add to my mortar deck, but I got the inferno drag. I used it in a few friendly battles… Read more »

Clash Royale-Miner Mortar deck Broke 4K Trophies

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Princess Mortar deck

Princess Mortar deck Broke 4K  Trophies Hi guys Riddle0219 here After 3 days of floating between 3900-3990 I finally managed to hit 4K. This  Princess Mortar deck is essentially a traditional miner tempo-burn deck with a mortar instead of a cannon. I label this deck as a siege-burn deck since it is a mix of siege and burn components, it… Read more »

Clash Royale-Lumberjack Hog Decimation Deck Arena 8+

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Hog Lumberjack Deck

Hog Lumberjack  Deck Arena 8+ Hi Guys What’s up Deep_CR Here And Today i am going to show you Hog Lumberjack  Deck for Arena 8+This is a deck that i used to get me into Legendary Arena. It is a Hog Lumberjack  Deck but not really for cycling. This Hog Lumberjack  Deck is very versatile and can… Read more »