Clash Royale – Best Hog Rider Attack Strategy for Arena , 5, 6

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Hogs Rider best deck

  Clash Royale – Best Hog Rider + Mini Pekka Deck Combo Attack Strategy for Arena , 5, 6     General Gameplan   The average elixir cost of this Clash Royale Deck is around 2.8.There are a lot of low elixir cards that  You can easily use them to defend and quickly cycle back… Read more »

Battle Champs is Better then Clash of Clans ??

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battel champs

Battle Champs vs Clash of Clans   Clash Of Clans  Wants You To Defeat Other Players  Battle Champs Wants Players To Work Together  The whole point of “Clash of Clans” is to go into battle at almost every turn. This is not the case with “Battle Champs”, where players can work together to defeat a… Read more »

Clash Royale-How to Use and Counter Guards 2020

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Guards are beefed up Skeletons and you can find them in Royal Arena. Each Guard has a shield, which is pretty similar to Dark Prince’s Shield. That shield always can tank the first hit no matter how much damage it is. However, underneath that shield, they are very similar to Skeletons in damage, health and… Read more »

How to Use lava Hound Deck in Legendary Arena-Clash Royale

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lava hound deck

How to Reached Legendary Arena after using Lava hound Hey guys today we are talking about how to play with lava hound. The Lava Hound is one of the most favourite  legendary cards in Arena 4 and 5 , Have you tried using the Lava Hound lava hound deck?? lava Hound Deck in Legendary Arena along… Read more »

Clash Royale-Double Elixir Draft Challenge | Get 12 Wins Double Elixir Draft Challenge

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Double Elixir Draft Challenge

Clash Royale-Double Elixir Draft Challenge Hey guys! The new special event, Double Elixir Draft Challenge, But You can play This Challenge  in Friendly Battles from May 11 and In Challenges from May 12-15 This Double Elixir Draft Challenge does what it says on the tin – you’re drafting cards with your opponent while playing like it’s overtime, all… Read more »

Clash of Clans-News & Update: New Game Battle Champs Is Like Clash of Clans

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Supercell’s “Clash of Clans” is the most popular mobile game today. Due to its success, several others take inspiration from it and it springs a number of titles with a similar gameplay. One of these titles is “Battle Champs.” According to reports, the newly inspired “CoC” game is a lot better.     Battle Champs’… Read more »

Call of Duty Mobile Search and Destroy Guide,Tips 2020

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Call of Duty Mobile Search and Destroy Guide,Tips 2020 Hi guys Kpld is here today I share you Tips How to win Call of Duty Mobile Search and Destroy it is in multiplayer battle both sides are 5 Player and those team who win 6 matches won search and Destroy COD Mobile. You should play… Read more »


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How To Get Legendary Card In Clash Royale| Top 5 Tips For Clash Royale Legendary Card hi guys today I m here tell you about Get Clash Royale Legendary Card Hey guys it’s kpld, here to give you guys tips on getting legendary cards the chances of getting one, and my take on what you… Read more »


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Elixir Golem Draft Challenge Hi Guys Clash Royale Elixir Golem Draft Challenge Tips | Mountains of Gold Draft Challenge Guide I will show you Mountains of Elixir Golem Draft Challenge Guide there are 15 win to get Elixir Golem So Guys Draft challenges are not only about luck but also about the right choices. Picking… Read more »


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Clash Royale Elixir Golem Deck Guide and tips and tricks hi guys today I shared you Elixir Golem Guide by IM Reddit user. Clash Royale new troop Elixir Golem Guide and strategies how to use it and weak and good points how to use and win Elixir Golem Deck Guide,Tips and Tricks Main Aspect of… Read more »