Clash Royale – Giant Night Witch Deck Arena 9+ | Giant Baby NW Deck

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Hey guys,Hyp3rion.akki here and today, I’m gonna show you a Giant Night Witch Deck.This is my personal favourite deck Till now, and It has currently pushed me to 4100 trophies. Firstly, this deck  does contain a fair few legendaries  I have some good replacements for them so come and take a look at this  Giant… Read more »

Clash Royale-Icy Hog Freeze deck Arena 8+ | Hog Mini Pekka Deck

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Hi Guys What’s up Riddle0219 here and today I going to show to Icy Hog Freeze Beatdown deck After being extremely  with the recent balance changes as my Night witch deck and Battle deck wasn’t working out as well I decided to search for something new and i finally found Icy Hog Freeze Beatdown deck for Arena 8+ so… Read more »

Clash Royale- X Bow Ice Golem Log Deck For Arena 9

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X Bow Ice Golem Deck

Hi Guys s4fun here and I would like to share a X Bow Ice Golem Deck  I broke 4k mark with. This deck was first shared by another Person and It is slightly different from normal X-bow deck with knight/rocket. I personally tried several X-bow/mortar decks but only felt comfortable with this one. let’s take a look… Read more »

Clash Royale August Meta Decks Arena 11 | Best July Meta Decks

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August Meta Decks

Hi Guys we are back and Today we are talking a look at these Clash Royale July Meta Decks and Auguat meta decks Which will help you to get 3 crowns and opponent  towers down very quickly,The main focus of these meta decks is controlling lane pressure.I’m sure you’re aware that Elite Barbarians,Executioner,Furnace,Balloon are used… Read more »

Clash Royale-Top 5 Best 2017 July Meta Decks Push To Arena 10

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February Meta Decks

Hello fellow Clashers! I’m Md Aaqib and I am very addicted to Clash Royale I Love This Very Much Because I care so much about the game, I am constantly trying out new decks and testing strategies to find the best decks in the game I Also check out TV replays in game and Today, I’m… Read more »

Clash Royale- Miner Mini Pekka Cycle Deck 4500+ Throphies

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Miner Mini Pekka Cycle Deck

My name is Verdant and I thought I would do a strategy guide for Miner Mini Pekka Cycle Deck I have been playing since the 3,500’s and got me to almost 4600 as a Level 10. This Miner Mini Pekka Cycle Deck will require some basic knowledge of the game and having a grasp of… Read more »

Clash Royale How Get 9 Win In 2v2 Sudden Death Challenge Deck

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Sudden Death Challenge Deck

Hi Guys I will show you some 2v2 Sudden Death Challenge Deck which will help you to get 9 wins and In this Challenge you have to change your mindset Instead of thinking individually because you are playing with other person as a teams so you have to think as a team and the decks you Play It should… Read more »

Clash Royale- Pekka Battle Ram Deck For Arena 9+| Poison Ram Deck

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Hello Everyone A_Rex this side and I am having more fun playing Pekka Battle Ram Deck than any other deck I’ve tried, and not just because of the success I’m having. I like playing an aggressive, high-offense style, and this Pekka Battle Ram Deck fits the bill perfectly. Unlike most decks, where you need to rely on… Read more »

Clash of Clans June Update 2017 New Builder Hall 6 New Defence More

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Clash of Clans June Update

Hi Guys Supercell has revealed the changes and new features coming with the Clash of Clans also we getting new Battle Hall 6 in Clash of Clans June Update With the upcoming Builder Hall 6 Invitational Tournament on the horizon, we wanted to share with you the new features are being released in this next content update…. Read more »