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Call Of Duty Mobile vs Pubg Mobile Comparison and Call Of Duty Mobile vs Pubg Mobile Conclusion there so difference and similarities between Call Of Duty Mobile vs Pubg Mobile

Call Of Duty Mobile vs Pubg Mobile

Call of duty Mobile vs Pubg Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile vs PUBG Mobile After a long, long wait Call of Duty Mobile is here The game after being teased for what seems like ages now was finally made available on Playstore as a closed beta a couple of days back. Call of Duty Mobile is currently available only in certain regions of the world and that too, only for a batch of players who pre-registered first. So, when one of our teammates was selected for the closed beta, we didn’t waste any time to test it out and put it up against its half Brother yet biggest competitor PUBG Mobile. So without further delay let’s dive into arguably the biggest showdown of 2019

Call of Duty Mobile vs PUBG Mobile

Call Of Duty Mobile vs Pubg Mobile
Let’s have a look at the newcomer. Call of Duty or CoD (in short) needs no introduction. After being in the talks from earlier last year, the game finally made an appearance in the play store. CoD Mobile was up for pre-registration on Playstore just after being officially showcased by the developers at GDC 2019. Call of Duty is a massive name in the Gaming community, and it shows in the numbers. According to a recent report the Mobile game has clocked more than 10 Million pre-registration till date. The game takes a lot of its cues from the Modern Warfare series.
On the other hand, PUBG Mobile made it’s the first appearance in Q4 2017 a year after PUBG PC (the game that defined battle Royale Genera) was officially unveiled. Since then, PUBG Mobile has come a long way. Even though there were similar games in the market such as Rules of Survival and Free fire, PUBG Mobile blew the competition out of the water with 100 million downloads in just 4 months.
Both the games come from the house of the Chinese tech giant Tencent. That makes them brothers, right? Let’s look at them side by Side.
Now before we get into this topic do keep in mind that PUBG Mobile is a full-fledged stable game compared to Call of Duty Mobile which is in its first beta testing

Login Lobby


The login menu is more or less similar in both the games. The lobby UI in PUBG is more simplistic and clean. Whereas the lobby looks more aesthetically pleasing in Call of Duty Mobile and has a Modern Warfarearfare vibe to it. We will leave the choice to you. Which one do you like more?

The Game Modes

Both the Games offer similar game modes that include Quick Match mode, Zombie mode and everyone’s favourite Battle Royale Mode. Unfortunately, even though these modes are present in the game menu of Call of Duty Mobile, only quick matches are available as of now. So that’s an instant win for PUBG Mobile. But Call of Duty has more quick match options than PUBG Mobile. A total of 6 compared to 3 in PUBG.

Here is the list-

Front line

Death Match

Search and destroy

arch and destroy Casual


Heard point

Free to all


Yes, the maps are minimal in Call of Duty Mobile compared to the ones in PUBG Mobile. But the matches are fast enough that you don’t get bored with it. Also, there is an excellent collection of Maps (don’t forget the iconic & Fan-favorites) in Call of Duty Mobile.


Both the games have more or less similar graphics settings. PUBG Mobile offers more colour profiles compared to 3 currently present in Call of Duty Mobile. Also, PUBG Mobile has HDR and extreme frame rates options in supported devices.

Settings and Controls

The settings menu is more polished on polished in PUBG Mobile. Everything is laid off nicely. The same cannot be said about Call of Duty Mobile though. PUBG Mobile also offers more customisation, such as how many ammo do you want to auto pick up for each gun by default.

Call of Duty Mobile, on the other hand, provides 2 Control options. Basic and advanced. The default Control settings are basic and come with autofire enabled.

Gameplay and Performance

The gameplay is an area which can make or break any game. Think about Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012. The game looked fantastic, but the gameplay sucked.

Luckily for CoD Mobile, we didn’t have any such complaints. In fact, the game ran even better than PUBG Mobile on my pretty low-end Redmi Note 4 with 3 GB of RAM on medium settings. There was no lag what so ever. However network lag was evident at times on Jio 4G, but that’s okay considering the issue has more to do with the network than the game itself. My phone did heat up while playing the game for around 10 minutes or so but the gameplay remained smooth throughout the session.

The quick matches are literally fast and action-packed! We, in particular, liked the kill assist tag. Say you and your teammate kill an enemy together. The player with the highest damage gets the kill, and the other kill assists tag. It completely removes the heated arguments surrounding “YOU STOLE MY KILL!!!”.

One thing to note is Call of Duty Mobile doesn’t have any gun recoil mechanics! They may add it later on, but it makes the game so easy on small screen phones!! Let us know your take in the comments below.

GUNS & Throwables

The two games have a rich armoury. Plenty of guns and gun skins. However, PUBG Mobile has more weapons as of now. Call of Duty does have a flamethrower. Smoke grenades will be added in the battle Royale Mode of Call of Duty.


while PUBG Mobile gives you the ability to customise your characters with clothes and skins call of Duty Mobile gives you iconic characters like Captain Price and Ghost.

Another quick little addition to Call of Duty Mobile is the classic Predator drone strike in the quick match. After some kills, you can call in a missile strike on your enemies and guide the missile to hit them. You may as well call in a UAV or a Handheld drone to help in suppressing the enemy in the open. Killing multiple enemies in one strike, it brings back memories of Modern Warfare Series.


We really liked Call of Duty Mobile a lot. It has a lot of features we wish were in PUBG Mobile such as a drone and kills assist tag. Instead, we got a bird that sits on your shoulder or Companion.

All in all, we never imagined that we will get play such a game on a mobile device. It has the classic Call of Duty vibe which is enough to make us jump ship. We can’t conclude everything from Just testing an early beta, but as of Now PUBG Mobile still has the upper hand. Moreover, it has a vast user base and is out for everyone! Call of Duty for sure gives it a hard time after it’s a stable release. But it will take some time for CoD Mobile to dominate the market in Asia at least.

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Although Call of Duty will have a significant impact on the western market. It has been the leading franchise in terms of sales in the United States for almost 2 decades after all.