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Call of Duty Mobile Search and Destroy Guide,Tips 2020 Hi guys Kpld is here today I share you Tips How to win Call of Duty Mobile Search and Destroy it is in multiplayer battle both sides are 5 Player and those team who win 6 matches won search and Destroy COD Mobile. You should play like a team if you want to win and there are 2 machine A and B Attacking Team destroy machine and other team Protect it every time have 5 chances in attacking mode and defending mode keep yourself hide near machine in defensive mode and in attacking mode 4 player should use 1 machine either A or B and 1 player in other direction and try to use after implanted bomb hide yourself near machine use grenade and bomb to protect

Call of duty mobile search and Destroy

Call of Duty Mobile Search and Destroy Tips and Guide 2020

Call of duty mobile search and Destroy



Call of Duty Mobile Search and Destroy Guide

  • 5 seconds arm time bomb
  • 45 seconds fuse
  • 5 seconds defuse time
  • First team to win 6 rounds wins the match
  • Respawning is disabled

Call of duty mobile search and Destroy

Attacking team

Eliminate all enemies, or destroy an objective. Plant the bomb on one of two objectives, indicated by an A or B, then defend it until there is not enough time to defuse it. Note that the bomb can kill any nearby enemies, and the person who planted it. In the Hardcore Ricochet mode if a teammate is within the kill-radius of the explosion, and the player who planted is still living, if the bomb explodes it will kill the planter. If a player is able to plant the bomb during the last seconds of the given time limit, time is extended depending on the fuse time of the bomb (since the defending team has to defuse the bomb).

Defending team

Eliminate all enemies, let time run out, or defuse a planted bomb. Remember that it takes 5 seconds to defuse the bomb on stock settings (7.5 seconds in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare). Even if all enemies are eliminated after the bomb is armed, the attackers can still win the round if the bomb explodes. Victory is achieved as soon as the bomb is defused regardless of how many attackers are still alive. Defusing the bomb is very loud, and can be heard from quite a distance. If no bomb sites are destroyed, the defending team wins if the time limit is reached regardless of how many defenders and attackers are left alive. The defending team can also win if neither site is bomb-planted within the time limit, and at least one defender is still alive. A player should also note that when a bomb is planted the time limit is temporarily stopped until the bomb is defused or explodes.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • 100 XP per kill
  • 100 XP for assist
  • 500 XP per headshot
  • 1000 XP for planting/defusing bombs (Saboteur and Hero medals)
  • 100 XP for killing an enemy planting/defusing the bomb

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Please comment if anything is missing in it and any suggestions in next post I will tell you best location of every Match of Call of Duty Mobile Search and Destroy

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