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Call of Duty Mobile is coming to iPhone and Android on 1 October 2019. Cod mobile Activision and Tencent announced the free-to-play mobile version of its FPS franchise will release on October 1 on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Cod mobile will sport a variety of familiar multiplayer modes and maps, along with its own Battle Royale mode.Cod mobile you can pre register through play store or iOS store

Call of Duty Mobile Release Date

The Call of Duty Mobile release date is October 1, 2019, for both Android and iOS platforms. Call of Duty Mobile release date just over three weeks before Modern Warfare releases on PC and consoles, you can also pre register through store App

Call of Duty Mobile Android, iOS


When it does launch however, Call of Duty Mobile will be available on both Android and iOS. There’s no word yet on whether both versions of the game will launch simultaneously, or whether it’ll be a staggered launch, but we’ll update this section whenever we hear any further details from Activision.

Call of Duty Mobile Gameplay

Call of duty mobile

Just below, you can see a slice of Call of Duty Mobile gameplay. Drift0r notes that the game actually looks much better in your hands than on YouTube, since it’s captured gameplay with an overlay, as well as being played through a VPN.Additionally, you can set your graphics quality level while playing Call of Duty Mobile. Drift0r says that in your hands, Call of Duty Mobile runs at a solid 90 frames per second, without stutters, and the entire experience generally looks and feels like a Call of Duty game back on the Xbox 360, which isn’t a bad thing considering the entire game is in your hands.

All Modes Are PvP

All modes that have been announced are player-versus-player, including the battle royale mode. Activision have announced that the game won’t solely be multiplayer. Additional modes are set to be announced at a later date. The confirmed modes below will all support up to ten players, assuming that the team-based modes will be 5v5.

Confirmed Modes So Far

  • Free For All
  • Frontline
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Hardpoint
  • Domination

There is also a confirmed 100 player battle royale mode.

Maps From Black Ops & Modern Warfare

Call of duty mobile

Unlike any other Call of Duty title, Call of Duty Mobile will feature maps from across the Modern Warfare and Black Ops franchises, offering players a rich and diverse range of iconic maps from several Call of Duty games. Nuketown, Crash and Hijacked were the first maps that were revealed. Below is a full list of confirmed maps:

Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale

Activision previously confirmed that there would be a battle royale mode in Call of Duty Mobile, but that it would be different to the mode that you know from Black Ops 4’s Blackout battle royale mode. For starters, the battle royale map in Call of Duty Mobile won’t be the one used in Blackout on consoles and PC.Before a match of battle royale starts in Call of Duty Mobile, you’ll get to choose whether to play in first or third-person view. Matches will be exclusive to the perspective used, so you won’t get third-person players matched up against those playing in the first-person view.Additionally, there will be six classes that you can choose from in Call of Duty Mobile’s battle royale mode. We’ve detailed them all just below.

  • Defender – This class carries a shield that can protect against bullets, while also being able to raise their damage resistance to all incoming fire.
  • Mechanic – Able to call in a drone that disrupts nearby electricals for enemies, the Mechanic can also see vehicles, traps, and other equipment with a unique ability.
  • Scout – A sensor dart allows the Scout to see all enemies in the nearby vicinity, and they can also see the fresh footprints of enemy players.
  • Clown – The Clown can throw a bomb that causes zombies to rise from the ground, which will go to work on eliminating all nearby enemy players.
  • Medic – The Medic can put down a health station that will constantly heal them and others nearby for short period. They also have an ability that lets them heal and revive players quicker than others.

Earlier this year at E3 2019, we got the chance to try out the Call of Duty Mobile battle royale mode for ourselves. To find out what we thought of the gameplay and map, as well as an interview with Activision’s director or mobile

Call of Duty Mobile Price

Call of Duty Mobile does launch, it’ll be entirely free-to-play. Activision won’t charge an upfront price for you to download their mobile game on either Android or iOS, but it remains to be seen how the publisher will make up for this with microtransactions,